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ScriptHookV doesn't finish loading but game runs without crashing?

  • Hello there. I'm attempting to help a user with getting BTTFV to work on their machine, but have run into a problem I've never seen before. They have all the prerequisites and they are all installed in the correct places, but when they run the game ScriptHookV stops at Registering script 'ScriptHookVDotNet.asi' and doesn't get any further. The game itself fires up and runs just fine, but obviously no mods work since SHV never finished loading.

    Here is the bug report output, including all relevant logs as well as the directory structure: https://pastebin.com/P5YSqY0D

    The user reports they are on Windows 11 and using a Steam copy which passed Steam's verification process without errors. Has anyone seen this error with ScriptHookV before?

    EDIT: The user was able to (mostly) resolve their issue. For anyone reading this in the future, their problem was a folder permissions issue combined with a Windows 11 security issue. It was blocking external DLLs from loading. Once everything was unblocked and the user resolved the permissions issues by moving their install into their Steam library folder, SHVDN was able to load correctly.

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