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Nightsky flickering and mountains popping up and dissapear

  • Hello GTA Community,

    i have a strange problem when playing during night.

    when driving during night my sky is flickering between different shades of blue and when i am outside of LS the mountains start to pop up and dissapear.
    the only wheater this does not happen is "clear"

    i tried all DirectX versions but it doesn´t made a difference
    i do not think its because of a potato PC :grimacing:
    3090 Ti
    DDR5 Ram 64 GB
    i7 12700k

    i don´t use any graphic mods, just a few addon cars and some scripts but nothing that should affect the sky

    if anyone has a solution i would be very happy

    and yessss all drivers a up to date

  • Try going into your Graphics settings in the pause menu and look for "Extend Texture Budgets" and try turning that up. This fixes most map rendering issues. Be mindful of how much you turn it up, this will cause your video memory to skyrocket

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