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That last 'update' that nobody wanted broke everything....

  • Anyone else having issues with whole sections of the map blanking out after this last update? I finally get everything working and looking good, now I have to dump what were perfectly good MLO's (which are hard to find) or wait for them to be updated (not holding out for that.) Apparently we didn't need a new config for this update, but it's broken numerous maps all over. Just when you think gameplay is normal, you drop through the map or roll across 'nothing'....

  • @iammistahwolf dayuuum that sux dawg.

    i hope someone has a fix for you.

    ftr. i ignore updates. 2372 for life lol. zero issues or crashes. my mods always work.


    @gtavjamal nono 2189.0 for eternity

  • @iammistahwolf Not necessarily what you want to hear but Epic dropped the price so Steam followed.
    Definitely worth $15 to buy the Steam version and end the aggravation.

    Like @gtavjamal I reverted to 2372 but can play any version I want as I keep each exe as backups.

    Once more, not to sound like a broken record, but i highly recommend also having FiveM even though it is aimed at MP/RP.

    I have 3 FiveM local servers (one is QBCore) installed, all for SP/Sandbox/free roam, and I use them extensively for testing because they load so damn fast.
    I've also, out of necessity, learned how to script Lua and already have 4 menus to spawn my vehicles and peds and 1 to teleport to MLOs across the map.

    During the winter I'm going to seriously look at converting MLOs from FiveM to SP - despite tutorials it's much more complicated than expected. Cars and peds however are easy to convert, both ways.

  • @ReNNie 2189 nice!! another good version. I was on that too but i think it was a 2022 countach mod that required 2372. at the time there were no other 2022 countach mods so i made the switch to 2372. otherwise i would have stuck with 2189.


    @JohnFromGWN said in That last 'update' that nobody wanted broke everything....:

    During the winter I'm going to seriously look at converting MLOs from FiveM to SP - despite tutorials it's much more complicated than expected

    hmu when you encounter problems, besides the overlapping collision I managed to import over 350 seperate ones over the years

  • @ReNNie I have very little experience with codewalker, so need to get up to speed.....but I'm more concerned with the ones with scripts, like elevators, and the ones that have QBCore jobs - from lua to C#, not going to go any further with lua.


    @JohnFromGWN ahhh then nevermind :)

  • @ReNNie WOW!! Over 350 FiveM to SP MLO conversions...clever!! If you ever have nothing to do, time to kill and feel inclined feel free to upload them lol.

  • @gtavjamal Thanks. Getting it worked out though. One thing I'm noticing is are some of these MLO creators doing the due diligence when making these things? I'm running into mods that are knocking out whole sections of the game map in regions far from where they're located. Case in point, the Del Perro Garage after the last update (spits) blanks a massive section of the border between Vespucci Canals and Little Seol. I figure it was the update that broke it because it wasn't doing that before, but it was causing a conflict with the MLO house in Grapeseed? That and the 'Touchdown Rental' MLO and the 'Abandoned Laundromat' only work if you turn MP Maps off which blows up just about every other MLO as the game loses it crap with 'TODO' errors! Is there no 'standard' for making sure these things work?

  • @iammistahwolf

    The modding process reminds me of the OIV process mentality of many creators which I would describe as "as long as my mod works, I don't care if it breaks all the others".

    I've seen this with OIVs, peds, vehicles, and mostly with MLOs where creators break other MLOs by placing an MLO nearby without removing unnecessary static collisions or other garbage.


    @iammistahwolf FiveM is much more forgiving than SP in terms of loading assets

  • @ReNNie Agreed. And also has more accurate error messages and better logs.

  • Did the last update only change the GTAV.exe or were there other files that were updated? How to find which files were updated/added in the last update?

  • Anyone know what could be making the game crash a minute after it loads since the update came?

  • @Suzerain001 GTA5.exe changed and update2.rpf changed. That's it for 2699.16 versus 2699.0.


    @nomakewan probably just the version.txt inside update2.rpf

  • @ReNNie I'm looking into 5M. Seems like that's going to be the way to go eventually for me.

  • @ReNNie Would you be game to DM with me? I'm interested in how you figured out converting 5M assets to SP. I've tried a number of tutorials and have only managed to get props from an MLO to spawn at best.


    you can try and contact me on discord

  • @iammistahwolf At first I thought let's convert all FiveM assets to SP and then I realized the best FiveM MLOs often have lua scripts - so converting both the assets and the scripts would be very time consuming.

    I realized it didn't have to be either or. You can have both. FiveM even supports Story Mode.

    With respect to assets, I learned quite a bit by examining mods that offered an SP and a FiveM version. I found it remarkably easy to convert streaming and normal peds, as well as peds packaged as dlc.rpf. Similarly vehicles are easy to convert as well.

    MLOs are another story as are maps. I recently installed the Liberty City map for FiveM and wouldn't even think of converting the 6GB+ of assets, particularly since I already have the legal GTA IV and the map for GTA V.

    MLOs, pose issues, with or without scripts, when they are poorly designed. That's been my limited experience. Most of the problems are with ybn files and I have to admit I'm not familiar enough with Code Walker (perhaps one day) to fix these. Trial and error isn't the way to go.

    I'm at the point now where I now longer convert. I have SP and I have FiveM and I can bring all my peds and vehicles easily from SP to FiveM. Only constraint is my own scripts. I've already created quite a few menus from scratch in lua, but to be honest that's just me. You don't need to create your own menus, quite a few are available for free including vMenu etc.

    As for tutorials, like anything else related to GTA5 modding, those who know rarely share, which explains how little documentation there is on anything related to modding other than installation.

    So my 2 cents advice for you is to look at SP and FiveM versions of same entities/assets and compare them yourself.

    To do a simple MLO, you can also check out this post by @Fabito48hd . Again, it's for simple ones, but the basics are there.

    Also, although not step by step, you can check out Porting FiveM mods to SP by @meimeiriver

  • @ReNNie, Thanks. If you would DM me your discord link that would make things far easier as I'm not a fan of discord.

    @JohnFromGWN , Man, I'm seriously thinking about just hooking up a 5M joint. I'm at the limit at what I can do as is with the 'retail' version I've been working since '17.

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