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How to fix crashing after spawning 20 or more peds?

  • Hey, I have gta 5 version 1.0.2699, but the videos and sites don't help.
    Here is what I tried:


    The logs:

  • @realtrollman

    One of the challenges with game development is allocating memory. That's why you don't have 4K textures everywhere and that's why properly designed assets and entities have LODs and "reasonable" polygon counts for 3D models.

    Windows itself isn't that great at memory management and leaks definitely occur, so whether you have 16, 32, or 64GB+ of system RAM as well as a great GPU with lots of VRAM, you will encounter this kind of crash.

    Fact is 20 peds is quite a bit of peds, particularly if they are high polygon with hi res textures.

    Yes, you can do it and even exceed that number, but it will require some fine tuning. You can play with your gameconfig.xml values etc and you might get lucky, but honestly you're pushing the game to its limits. And of course don't expect to do this on a chromebook.

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