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PackFile Limit Adjuster Unable to Find Pattern 15

  • So I updated my game to the newest version (I know, it was stupid). I also updated SHV, LSPDFR, RPH, and PackFile Limit Adjuster, as well as the most recent gameconfig. If I disable all my addons via the dlclist, and delete the PackFile files, the game runs fine, but if I enable either one, the game crashes immediately on Initalizing World, or the game doesn't load and pops up "PackFile Limit Adjuster: Unable to Find Pattern 15. Is this an issue with my mods folder, the PackFile, gameconfig, or something else? If anyone knows how to help that would be amazing. Thank you :)

  • @chussy Unfortunately nobody can fix your game remotely, only you can.

    Good news? It's very simple to find where the problem is. Not necessarily fixable, but at least you can find it and decide what to do.

    The fact your game runs without mods is excellent news. Start by removing LSPDFR and scripts (both from that folder and the asi ones in your root - but not the essential ones).

    Keep your modded game simple, and slowly add stuff back.


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