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How can we export add on car mods (YFT) to blender (obj,fbx) without zmodeler3?

  • Hello everyone!

    I wonder if there's any way to export the add-on car mods (YFT) available here to blender without zmodeler3 (because of the license that require this software)

    I spend a whole night trying to find a methode for that, the only thing i was able to do is converting GTA IV and GTA SA cars using zmodeler2 but the meshes got damaged after exporting as OBJ

    So i want to convert add-on car models of GTA V (YFT) to OBJ or FBX

    Also if there's a methode to convert (YFT) to (YDR) this will be also helpful, i'll use GIMS EVO to on 3ds max to open it

    Thanks for all!

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