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Problem: Mods don t work

  • Hello guys I'm new to Gta V nodding and for some reason the mods I tried to install don't work.

    I've tried installing two mods for now:

    100% game save

    Gta Cyberpunk

    I tried to install them both with the "classic" way (like on Skyrim, manually) and with the Gta V Tools (Open IV etc).

    I am trying to install the mods on a clean match following all the instructions but the mods are not working.
    Does anyone know what the cause of my problem may be?

  • @pipponello said in Problem: Mods don t work:

    100% game save

    Where did you place the save? Are you saying it isn't there from the menu?

    This might help since you haven't reported any crashes and hopefully you have SCRIPTHOOKV.DLL properly installed.

    New Users - Important Mods Checklist

    and for later on:

    Troubleshooting Help

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