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Problem crash game, is it the ram ? or maybe the processor ?

  • Hi, I have a question: is 16 Gb of ram enough to support several mods? Could this be the reason of a crash of the game ? I say that because my game crashes even with heapadjuster, gameconfig, etc. Basically, all of a sudden it freezes and then closes as if I had pressed Alt+F4. I already made a comment about this on the forum but nobody had the answer so this one to ask the question about the ram and also to specify that my game closes when I do an action (chase, fight with the police, ect) where I suspect that my ram is the cause of this problem (16gb at 3200 mhrz) or the processor? I have an I 5 10500

  • I don't think ram is the problem since I have more than you and the game is still crashing on me after 1 minute goes by. this latest update did something to the game that screwed something up since it was working fine before the update.

    Hopefully this annoying problem can be fixed without resorting to installing again since that's too much time and having to reinstall certain things if something goes wrong.

  • @Lj82 I think 16GB of RAM is fine, you also need adequate VRAM.

    As @MegaTBull wrote however, memory is only one variable in the stability equation.

    My only advice is to ensure your game is setup properly and then add mods one at a time.

    The worst culprits for causing crashes are ENBs/Visual mods, poorly written or outdated scripts, and vehicles/peds with very high polygon counts and hi resolution textures.

    Updates also tend to break the game. If you have Steam and you can revert back you greatly enhance your odds of running a stable game.

  • @Lj82 After messing around with some things I finally got the crashing to stop and hopefully these works for you.

    If you have PoolManager 1.1 in your folder remove that.

    Update Microsoft Visual C++ to the latest version.

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