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Which trainer?

  • I really like the simple trainer from watching youtubers but I have three questions that may help me to decide.

    Question 1
    As I look at all the mods they seem to mention Menyoo. Menyoo is even a tag in the filter on this site. I'm not involved in any other GTA forums so maybe this site is bias for some reason? Or is it that Menyoo really is superior and supported more by moders?

    Question 2
    Is it at all possible to use multiple trainers?

    Question 3
    Are any of the well known and robust trainers open source? I have some programming knowledge so that would be fun.

    If you can answer any of these questions it would make me and my sons day. Thank you very much :)


    1 depends on your (son's) personal taste and needs
    2 yes
    3 no

  • @Sulvek

    The reason Menyoo is tagged is because unlike the other trainers you can create maps with Menyoo as xml files. However Menyoo is no longer updated on this site - actually updates are often available but the download site seems to be out of commission.

    Simple Trainer is likely the most popular trainer right now. Personally I don't like the interface versus Menyoo. I have both installed but ST is disabled unless I specifically need a function that Menyoo doesn't have, which is rarely. Keep in mind that if you install multiple trainers you might run into conflicts. For example you might have time frozen on one but not the other, weather set differently on one than the other...etc. No big deal but can be annoying. Also, Simple Trainer needs more configuration that Menyoo because it has way too many key bindings - some of which can interfere with your personal key bindings if you are scripting or installing scripts.

    Menyoo is opensource and you can download the source, make changes, and recompile it with VS or whatever.

    Download Page for Menyoo Source Code

    You might want to take a look at this thread also:

    New Users - Menyoo or Simple Trainer?

  • @Sulvek

    Actually you can find a new release and the source code too here:


  • @Sulvek I use menyoo and simple trainer on the regular.

    depends what i am doing.

    some of many examples.

    spawning a new or existing vehicle or setting a custom paint color...simple trainer.

    selecting a saved outfit, changing weather, time, experimenting with custom paint colors, repairing or deleting vehicles...menyoo.

    highly recommend both.

  • @Sulvek, In addition to what the others have said I'll add that 'it depends on what you want to do with your game experience.' That meaning, 'Simple Trainer' is an excellent 'base' to control the gameplay. You can do some object manipulation, but it's 'simple.' You also can control aspects of your character (be they the '3', a game ped, 'Freemode Ped' or a 3rd Party Addon Ped) by changing the 'skin' and adding attributes like increased strength, speed, and so on. But other trainers give 'more or less options' depending on which ones you chose.

    All the trainers I've ever seen build upon the baseline 'Native Trainer' and give options that give more control over say 'characters and character play' or 'over map manipulation and game play.' Other than Simple Trainer, the two 'best' I've used are 'Enhanced Native Trainer' and 'Menyoo'. I also used 'Map Editor' for a short time, but it was a pain to use and though it had greater depth far as the number and type of game props than Menyoo, I ended up ditching it.

    ENT gives more control over 'gameplay' as it offers many things other 'single mods' do alone. 'Flight', 'Game World Manipulation', 'Mass Ped manipulation', 'Weapons Manipulation', as well as baseline character controls plus a lot more can be found with this one trainer. However, it's weak points are skin control and map editing. It can do both about the same as 'ST', but 'Menyoo' is much, much better!

    So Menyoo IMO beats out Map Editor by miles with far greater ease of use, more mod makers reference it for skins/clothing, ped animations and map props. Menyoo's greatest strengths are 'Mapmaking', 'skin control' and 'Ped Manipulation'. If you can't get a grip on 'Scene Director', then Menyoo will be your best bet to set up scenes, build sets, create characters and get peds to perform specific actions.

    I currently use ST, ENT and Menyoo as each provides something the others don't. No one trainer 'does it all', but those three cover most of the bases for me at the basic level.

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