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Gta v on 2nd pc

  • I have an original copy of gta. I shared my account with my friend and he successfully downloaded it. Now is there any way that we both can play gta online? Or if not, can he atleast just play story mode?

  • @BetterBrock don't know what platform you're on but answer is no to both playing one copy together online.

    Obviously your friend can use your account, when you aren't, to play whatever he wants. But you can't both be online with same credentials.

    You can try, but will most likely get a message you can't.

    You're essentially bypassing, or trying to, legally pay for the game.

    Steam allows friends and family to share, but not at same time and Rockstar doesn't allow the GTA5 title to be shared with another account.

    Steam and Epic currently have game on sale for about $14 and that's a sweet deal even for an old game. Christmas is just around the corner.

  • @JohnFromGWN OK i got it but idk why after my friend downloaded the game from my account, my game also started stuttering. this has never really happened. is this problem because of sharing?

  • @BetterBrock No, absolutely no link between sharing and "stuttering".

    If you mean you're lagging online it's your internet connection, modem, or router. If you mean offline SP, then you must have installed something after sharing that's impacting your FPS.

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