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Enb message never shows at top left corner when gta 5 is loading

  • Hello everyone,

    I have downloaded the latest scripthook and OpenIV. I have downloaded the latest enb 471, unpacked and dragged and dropped all folders minus the license and readme to my gta5 main directory,, where the gt5.exe is located. I have changed the enblocal.ini to


    This did not work so i changed enblocal.ini back to previous settings of:


    I tried the enb version 387 and dragged and dropped all files to the main gta directory where the gta5.exe is but nothing happens and the enb is not recognized at loading.

    The pc i use has an Core I7 11th generation processor, 32 gb RAM, and NVIDEA 3060ti. I just bought this pc a couple months ago.

    I have spent hours on trying to get the enb to be recognized on the loading of gta 5 but it never is recognized because there is never a message in the left corner when the game is starting up.

    Can anyone help? I wonder what i am missing

    could the problem be in the OPENIV directory? I have changed nothing in there for the enb, but i don't know at all.

    Thank you!

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