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How to locate a YMAP position?

  • I must have seen this question asked dozens of times in the mods section here and particularly on FiveM forums.

    The funniest requests are when someone asks where a ped or vehicle mod is located.

    Can't help you find peds or vehicles, nobody can, but here's how to find MLOs and proper Maps (not Menyoo, not xml).

    Step 1. Navigate to the dlc.rpf for the mod in OpenIV.
    Step 2. Look for the folder containing the .ymap files (often in a metadata rpf).
    Step 3. There might be several, but look for the one that best describes the mod, and select open
    Step 4. Scroll down about 10 or 12 lines and you will see the tag containing your x, y, and z coordinates.
    Step 5. Enter these in Menyoo (or your trainer) under Teleports, Custom Coordinates.

    <Item type="CEntityDef">
          <flags value="384"/>
          <guid value="534739334"/>
          <position x="4200.26100000" y="7980.11000000" z="101.57660000"/>

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