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Weird ped bug when starting new game save.

  • Okay so I have a decent amount of mods installed and all work perfectly fine so i don’t think they are the problem. I can load up my game just fine. I have another problem with clicking “new game” but already know how to work around it. The problem I am having is whenever I load into the new game and do the first few tasks in ludendorff, right after the part where trevor saves Michael, the peds who are supposed to move down the hall just walk straight into the wall in the same direction. The same even happens with Lamar in the repossession mission. It seems like whenever the peds are supposed to find their path to the next objective they bug out and just walk in a single direction. This causes me to fail the mission due to abandoning _____. Anyone know what could be causing this? I don’t wanna have to reinstall all my mods. Is there maybe a game config error or a file I need to replace that got messed up? I tried looking it up but can’t find anything 🫤


    @Spyder622 disable scripts folder by renaming it, most likely a specific one is causing the problem

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