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Modding two separate GTA V installations?

  • I like heavily modding my game. However, this often prevents me from installing certain mods that I find interesting due to incompatibility and/or the hassle of uninstalling mods.
    I was wondering if I would be able to copy and paste the files of my already existing game onto a second drive, and mod them separately? So, if I copied the files on drive C, lets say, onto drive D, and then installed different mods onto drive D, and launched the game from the .exe, would that work? Would it launch from the files on the D drive? Or would is automatically default to the files on the C drive?

  • @MRDotted there are dozens of ways of doing this, but definitely not by relocating your executable.

    Some Options:

    1. Multiple versions of mods folders which are toggled on and off by simply renaming.
    2. Temporarily rename individual mods, scripts, or asi, so they are turned off or on
    3. Temporarily removing items from folders or dlclist.xml so they don't load
    4. Install multiple versions of same GTA5 and rename GTA5 folder before a session change
    5. Install Steam and Epic versions on same PC

    I've done the first 3 items with batch files so everything is completely automated. I share all my dlc to minimize duplication and avoid wasting disk space. Created a menu to launch selectively. Ofc you need some basic knowledge to write the batch files, check if a file or folder exists, and then rename it as active or inactive.

    I've actually done Item 4 recently, a complete second Installation, to confirm if the October minor update was problematic. No issues to report. I'm keeping this 2nd Installation temporarily to replay the game from scratch, fully updated and unmodded. Of course I could just rename dinput8.dll to play unmodded, but I wanted new version, not my mainstay 2372.

    I have no interest in Item 5 because it is unnecessary and because Steam version is the only one allowing reverting.

    Another option, call it 6, is to install one or many free FiveM servers. They allow SP and even Story Mode. Depending on your needs this could work.

  • @JohnFromGWN Good to know! Btw. Epic allows reverting. For my Christmas season GTA V's I was on 2545 and 2372 now running 2189 and 2060.

  • @gtavjamal

    You're reverting Epic? There are hundreds of posts here from Epic users who claim the updates are continually forced on them whereas Steam forces one update, allows reverting, and doesn't nag again until the next update, often 6 months to a year later.

    If that's the case with Epic, why are so many users whining they can't revert with Epic?

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah dawg Epic. Zero issues and one update. Lol probably user error. Generally speaking the biggest error is first assuming they are not at fault which is often the case.

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