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why my ymap maps aren't loading?

  • I have installed map builder and custom maps file and put inside it for example this

    and I tried more mods they aren't working


    • OpenIV
    • ScriptHook V
    • ScriptHook V .NET
    • Menyoo or

    I did install these files before and I have installed many mods and they are working >>> :( what's the problem

  • @trivo sounds pretty much like an improper installation, go back and look at the instructions carefully.

    I don't install this kind of map but I do know you need a valid entry to the custom map folder in dlclist.xml.

    Did you add the rpf to that list? If not, OpenIV.asi doesn't know to load the maps.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I found that I installed the iv redux version of map builder lol
    btw the gta v version is only for patrons? isn't there something free?

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