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A little golf club tweak

  • Would be logical to have a little mod that allows all three characters playing golf in any clothes after one of them purchases the club. I understand why the other two continue paying entrance fees - golf is a rich people's sport, where players most definitely don't care about such trifles - but a dress code for the owner's close friends looks a rather absurd thing hardly imaginable IRL and a probable omission during the game's development.

  • You need to download the bike and like in game

  • Also, found this rather perplexing paragraph in a GTA V golf description (2018) on Wikihow:

    "Playing golf costs $100. After paying for the fee, your character will immediately change to his golfing outfit and will be given his own golf cart. (These mechanics are no longer used in game. Golf is now free. Auto-teleporting to each hole in turn. You will also be wearing your street clothes. Very smooth, and efficient.)"

    Whatever that is supposed to mean. Either some update feature that subsequently went off - the (ill-)famed Stock Car Racing docet - or the article confused the SP with online.

  • Logically, if the feature indeed was present in some 2018 version of the game as Wikihow implies, it should have involved some file making a reference to savegames, because the club-owning character stops switching to his golf attire after purchasing the club, which technically is most likely to be done via some "flag" function in a save file.

  • Also, since it might be too small for a standalone mod, would be interesting to combine it with the removal of day hours limit for golfing, if anyone knows how to do it. Playing golf at night would look interesting and, again, completely lore-friendly: an owner can play in his club whenever he wants.

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