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Addon Cars says spawned but does not appear

  • some cars im having issue where i installed it successfully, and when i try to spawn it via trainer, It says "spawned" but the model itself does not appear. I experience this on Rmod Customs cars. Specifically the Sian and Megane Trophy. Other cars works just fine. I also have gameconfig for unlimited cars already.

  • anyone? helloooooooooo? lmao

  • @gorilyawarfare

    Your car must be in the dlcpacks folder and an entry must be made in dlclist.xml, both are required. A gameconfig has nothing to do with spawning a car.
    The car must also be called by its spawn name which isn't necessarily the same as the folder name.
    Duplicate spawn names will result in one file being loaded over another.

    If none of the above applies, and assuming your models aren't corrupt in some fashion, you are SOL.

  • this is weird i deleted "clio" (another car) and it worked. model names were the same but it was 2 other cars (Clio RS and Clio Williams) idk why it affected Megane Trophy. (an entirely different car)

  • @gorilyawarfare Cars, and definitely peds and scripts, can conflict with each other.

    One fairly common conflict with cars is with modkit IDs although I don't think it would keep a car from spawning.

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