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[VEHICLE] Military Submarine ship

  • I was browsing on the site and could not find any single grand military submarine ship. So i hope that someone can make it with working torpedoes... Then we can dive deep into the ocean searching for prey.

  • @gta5testya we have been trying. firing the torpedoes is a problem . boats and subs don't have capability to have working lights, Doors, weapons. that's why no body has worked on them yet. i have converted 3 submarines. military ones. but sadly there is no way to make doors. and weapons work right now.

  • @FoxtrotDelta : Thats a pity, i had you in mind to build such a submarine ship, because i also watched your other work. Unfortunately there is no solution so i hope you can make this in the near future. Thanks for your reply.

  • @gta5testya i will. may be a solution is just around the corner not figured it out yet. submarines are comparitively easier to make then boats. as they shoot torpedoes in a straight path.

  • @gta5testya there is a submarine already made but it is a beta and quite buggy, still works tho; https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/aquatic-vehicle also with simple trainer you can turn on vehicle rockets and it looks very similar to torpedoes

  • @kingboughey yes i am familiar with the trainer option. but i want it to be more, native functionality. we shall see in near future. might figure this out.
    @gta5testya & its a pleasure to hear you follow, my mods. and you had me in mind. thanks.

  • @kingboughey : I overlooked this one but the aquatic vehicle comes close to what I meant. Unfortunately, this mod does not work on my system, it says invalid model.
    I'll use the yellow submarine again.

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