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  • Hi, I am having an error whenever I try to load any Online Interior. It either crashes on the loading screen when I have things like Single Player Apartments and Open All Interiors, or it crashes when I try and load an online interior from trainers (Menyoo, Simple Trainer). I can just avoid this by uninstalling SPA and Open All Interiors (how I am playing now), but these are awesome mods and I wouldn't like to get rid of them.

    ~Thanks for help

  • I've been getting this alot lately too. I didn't add anything out of the ordinary neither, recently added the extreme burnout mod and single player apartments then started getting this problem..?

  • @rmc273 It is Single Player Apartments, but I don't know how to fix it without removing it.

  • @Vac-Efron I dont have both of these (SPA and open all interiors) yet if i add an add-on vehicle my game crashes. Dont know how

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