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Can't find a vertex declaration (3ds max error)

  • Hi, I've got a problem. I'm trying to modify some specific addon props and add some collision using 3ds max, but I can't import them because I get this message:

    "[2 errors] Can't find a vertex declaration with name "N1AA2D1D8" for material #1. Mesh can't be read and will be skipped. Can't import anything."

    Does anyone know how to solve this?

  • @Abrian19
    This is the info you seek.

    No detailed instructions with it, but I used it years ago to fix a similar "Can't find a vertex declaration with name NA4D53FD6 for material #1" issue. If I remember right, you search inside the '.odr' for N1AA2D1D8 & change any you find to N51263BB5 & also search the folder & rename any N1AA2D1D8 '.mesh' files (maybe have a look inside the '.mesh' files also (something along those lines, can't quite remember :thinking:). Open with Notepad/Notepad++ etc to edit).

    Pretty sure I used Notepad++ to do a 'Search' > 'Find in Files' & then a replace on the entire '.odr' & files in the prop folder structure. Instructions on using Notepad++'s 'Find in Files' here.

    You should figure it out from that^, but on the off chance you have any issues getting it done, upload one of the problem props & send me the link & I'll figure the exact process & let you know :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Hi, I was trying to do what you said here, but I can't find the N1AA2D1D8 inside the prop's odr. I've opened the odr with Notepad++, just like you said, went to "find in files" and searched for N1AA2D1D8, but it's empty.

    This is how it looks inside the odr: https://imgur.com/aIFlAsg

    And this is one of the files I'm trying to import: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fuue5c0n85hlmo3/ws_cath_mh7.rar/file

  • @Abrian19
    I think I was remembering wrong then (or maybe there's only certain scenarios where that is required etc :thinking:).
    Either way, for your 'ws_cath_mh7.odr', you just need to replace the values in the '.mesh' files alone :thumbsup:

    So just open the '.mesh' files with Notepad++ &:

    • Find NA4D53FD6 & replace it with N209731BE
      & then
    • Find N1AA2D1D8 & replace it with N51263BB5

    I edited only the '.mesh' files from your cathederal/ws_cath_mh7 right now & afterwards the '.odr' succesfully imported into both OpenIV & 3DS Max 2017 (can share the file if you have trouble, but I think you should be good on your own. If not tho, let me know :thumbsup:)

    Batch Process Multiple Files:

    Quickest way to batch process a heap of files with vertex declaration issues is with Notepad++'s 'Find in Files':

    Detailed Instructions:

    • Open the '.odr' with Notepad++ (right-click '.odr' > 'Edit with Notepad++')
    • Press Ctrl + Shift + F to open the search box in the 'Find in Files' tab:

    Find in Files

    • Your specific 'Directory:' line will be different, just make sure 'Follow current doc.' & 'In all sub-folders' are both ticked & (if required for multiple files) edit the directory line to a folder above the one that contains all the files you want to edit. :thumbsup:

    You can edit the 'Filters' line to .mesh (or a specific file name ('ws_cath_mh7_high.mesh' etc)) if you want to exclude all other files/file types from being edited at the same time.

    Also, you can test your replace before initiating any changes to files by hitting the '[Find All]' button. Notepad++ will then (without making any changes to files) display the search results at the bottom of the page for you to look over & check etc, & then if correct, you hit the '[Replace in Files]' button to make the actual changes to those files (all filtered files will then be edited & saved automatically).

  • @a63nt-5m1th done, thank you a lot for taking your time to show me how to solve this problem!

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