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[SCRIPT] DP Clothing but for single player

  • For those who haven't heard of DP Clothing, it is a script on fivem that allows you to toggle neck props, hats, vests, shirt and pants, shoes, bags, and more. The unfortunate thing about it is that as far as I know there isn't a script like it for single player, let alone one with a menu that pops up if you hold a certain key. Image of what I mean. alt text

  • @jdog700 the source code (fivem scripts are rarely compiled) can be found here:


    Unfortunately it would take quite a bit of work to either convert this from FiveM to SP lua or SP C# (dll).

    Why bother when all SP trainers can do this other than the rotary menu?

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I know absolutely nothing about how scripting but I had a feeling it'd be a from the ground up situation. As for the reasoning for such a script like dpclothing is because unlike most, if not all, trainers require you to go through a bunch of items thus breaking emersion unlike the rotary menu where it has two options, on or off.

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