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GTA Crashes when loading in story mode. (MP maps)

  • So around 20 seconds after I start loading into story mode, I get a error pop up saying: "CORE: An exception occurred while executing 'OpenInteriors.asi' (0x00007FFA36ACB950), id 33" I can still play GTA but just Open Interiors doesn't work, but when I enable MP Maps in TrainerV (simple trainer) it says the same exact thing but just TrainerV instead of OpenInteriors, So I'm guessing it's not something to do with the mods and instead something to do with the MP Maps, I've looked everywhere but nothing helps. I'm not experienced with installing mods but I know the basics because I have installed mods many times throughout the last 2 years but I know nothing about fixing them or actually getting the .logs, if someone could help me I will be extremely grateful.

    PS If you need me to give any more info (example: What is your PC specs / show a screenshot of the error) please tell me and I will give you the information you need (other than personal info of course), Oh yeah and all my stuff is updated to the latest, this includes GTAV, Scripthookv, scripthookvdotnet, all other mods.

    PS x2 I don't know why I said in the title GTA crashes, it doesn't, I can still play GTA but I just can't use that specific mod.

    PS x3 This really is pissing me off btw

  • ^ Fixed, If you want to know how to fix it then reply and I will hopefully be there to help :)

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