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[SCRIPT] A bunch of shit

  • A bunch of ideas I've had over the years.

    GTA: Online Gamemodes in SP

    Blips on the map allow player to start a Online-esque game (Versus, Capture, Deathmatch, Adversaries) with NPCs instead of other players
    Player spawns in as Trevor, Michael or Franklin (whoever started the game)
    Dying ends match
    Player must put forth a configurable amount of cash to start a match
    Winning a match gives the player a configurable cash reward

    Purge Mod

    cops don't spawn between the hours of 7pm and 7am and a bunch of crime and sh*t happens in the meantime. During the day every crime warrants full police attention (instant 6 stars)

    Simple Prison

    Get arrested with more than 1 star and spawn in jail. Break out (no bail or anything like that) and get 4 stars. Evade and you're home-free.

    Basic Surrender

    Cops attempt to arrest you if you are unarmed (no weapons whatsoever) no matter your wanted level.

    Basic Wilderness Survival

    hunger meter that depletes over a configurable amount of time and causes damage to the player if fully emptied
    no inventory; player must consume resources on the spot
    player can kill and eat animals, buy snacks or pick berries from bushes for varying amounts of sustenance
    small chance to find primitive weapons (flare, machete, hatchet, bottle) when searching bushes
    eating pets and people for severe wanted penalties if spotted

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  • A bunch of GOOD ideas

  • @trabas Haha thank you!

  • @Ricebox There's already a prison break mod, you get arrested at over 1 wanted level.


    For the "GTA Online Gamemodes in SP" you can use this GangWar script, it has some modes like TDM and Capture Props.

    For the Basic Surrender, you can use this. It usually makes the LSPD to stop shooting at you if you stop shooting.

  • @EnforcerZhukov Gang wars is such a good one! It's a bit more in-depth than what I'm actually asking for though. I'm more looking for spots on the map where the player goes to stand and pays out $10k to instantly be given the multiplayer objective as opposed to showing up and being given a bunch of customization options. It's a bit unwieldy.

    Same problem w EddIm's script, too much when what I'm looking for is much more streamlined and simple but it is otherwise very good and probably the closest thing I have right now aha.

    @Think_Tank Same problem as above. These mods just add too much and don't provide much wiggle room or customization whereas all I'm looking for is simple scripts that only have a couple of features each.

  • @Ricebox Well, the Prisonlife mod has a ton of features, but https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/prison-mod litterally is just breaking out of prison and a riot system (and the riot is like a way to help get out, and it's really hard to cause, judging by the videos.)

  • @Think_Tank That one doesn't play nicely at all with my game set-up. The weird transport to the prison feature bugs out all the time and usually just ends up with the default busted cycle running its course. Heartbreaking.

  • @Ricebox I bet it needs an update. I'm surprised it would even work today after all the updates the game got.

  • @Think_Tank Definitely needs an update. Surprised this concept hasn't been done more already.

  • @Ricebox Prison life has been trying to get updated for months, I don't know what happened.

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