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Rockstar Games Editor Crash

  • hi I have a problem with the rockstar editor, it crashes when I open clips recorded around a perfectly functional mlo (but with a drop in frames)
    should i change gameconfig?
    I remember that I use a slightly old version 2628 for convenience

  • @fsix Does it crash all the time or just with that particular perfect MLO?
    It it's only that MLO then you are SOL.
    Keep in mind that the R* Editor was designed for a vanilla game - any assets you add could be problematic.
    If you're doing some video editing, use OBS for screen captures when you want that MLO in your movie/clip.
    Then use a free editor like DVR to integrate the OBS clip with those from the R* Editor.
    You can also you use a camera script mod to emulate what the R* camera allows.

  • when I'm directly in that mlo it crashes while loading , I don't remember which are the best scripts that allow to do this even without the rockstar editor,
    maybe scripted camera tool, but I don't like it

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