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FiveM Ymap Entities only load if youre inside of there hitboxes

  • Hello Guys,

    i am trying to convert a menyoo community track to a ymap but the problem is that the entitys only load/stream if youre inside the hitbox.

    i already tried so many things and feel like that i searched the whole internet but havent found a solution yet

    I am looking for a solution to correctly convert it into a YMAP or if you load it with Menyoo it loads for everyone correctly without stuff glitching out(havent found a solution to it, thats why i am trying to get the YMAP running)


    i hope some of you can help me i would be really glad!

  • @DerRoteBaron1 Did you press the Calculate Extents button in CodeWalker while you have the ymap selected?

  • Yes i did

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