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  • its also connected with open iv. so i have a lot of addon cars, all works fine..suddenly in one of my folders, carcols meta is totaly empty and cant even play the game,crashes.. Why this happen and does the fix exist? carvariations,handling and vehicles.meta stayed the same, only carcols is full blank

  • @lordblackhand
    This kind of incident has been reported before. I've had OpenIV delete all the contents of peds.meta 3 or 4 times. I would install a modified ped in OpenIV, start the game, game would hang. On closing game and reopening OpenIV, peds.meta would be completely blank and would need to be restored from backup.

    So this behavior does exist whether you close OpenIV or not after an edit and then launch GTA5. In my case the deletions of the file content would only happen on GTA5 launch which implies OpenIV.asi does the damage on startup.

    Only suggestion is to backup your files, particularly before edits. Don't know if this can happen without user edits, unless it results from a mod conflict between peds or vehicles.

    Either way, OpenIV.asi is not the OpenIV editor, and why the hell would it contain code to delete text? Why would the editor for that matter? AFAIK, the only way to delete text from a metadata file in OpenIV is by the user.


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