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million of errors when using native trainer source code

  • im using viusal studio 2022 community c++ dekstop installed when i open scripts.cpp it says it has 99+ errors
    is there a way how to fix this? the code is correct but it has 99+ errors how do i fix this?

  • @thesuperguyhl904

    99+ different errors or multiple similar errors? What errors?

    When asking for help, it helps others when you're specific. Mind readers rarely frequent forums.

    Either check the error for more information in Visual Studio, google/search the error, or post a specific example on a C ++ forum.

    There are very few programmers who are regularly on these forums and most script in C#.

    In passing, Menyoo source code is easily compilable in VS, so perhaps it could be an option. And you work with the sln, not cpp.


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