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Coldwalker Scale Problem

  • Hi i recently made my first project with coldwalker but the scaling is not working does anyone have a simple straightforward solution for me on how to get this going

  • @MaxModding
    Make sure you are using the latest version from the CodeWalker discord:


    ie Don't use the gta5-mods v.29 download, it's years out of date.

    From what I recall, CW has always had some issues with scaling (& some with rotation also), but might be fixed with latest version/s (haven't used it for that in a while, so not sure). Generally for issues with scaling/rotation etc, I just jump into the files & edit manually. Often, you can use the values from CW to input quickly etc, so it's not usually a major inconvenience, but that depends on what you are doing/how many props you need to edit etc.

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