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I cant get mp custom clothes

  • I have no idea what I'm doing wrong evrerytime I try to download MP male clothes it doesn't work even if i replace it the way I should is there any fix to this?

  • @The_Diddy22

    If you've done this many times, simple replacements, and none of the mods work then you're very likely installing incorrectly.
    Provide a link to a mod that doesn't work.
    Also, are you installing in games or mod folder? And are you using an updated version of GTA5.

  • Ok so this is the mod I'm trying to install
    I'm pretty sure I'm installing in the mods folder because it tells me to go too
    I have the most recent version of gta V

  • @The_Diddy22
    If you look at the comments for that mod you'll see you aren't the only one with issues. Author even says slot 21 doesn't work for him so he used slot 22.

    Try different slots and if necessary a different trainer. The last 2 GTA5 updates also created issues with clothing, so that might explain why the recent comments reported problems.

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