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Help me to make a movie

  • Hello,
    I am a filmmaker and I am making a documentary on the practice of modding (more specifically on gta 5)
    I am looking for someone who will accept to have a discussion with me on this subject and potentially to be interviewed.
    I will explain my project to you more and adapt to your availability and the time you can give me.
    One of the underlying goals will be to discover mondding as a real artistic practice.
    If you want to help me, write me a private message or add me on Discord (in bio).
    I would be really grateful to you.
    Thanks in advance

  • @Louzre I cant speak for him / not sure if he would be keen but fyi JohnFromGWN is one of the BIG dawgs of this site, most active and has hella GTAV modding clevers. Unless I'm mistaken and if I recall correct possible forms of payment he accepts is via crypto, food and subscribing to his top Patreon tier lol.

  • @gtavjamal
    Thanks bro and I don't accept any payments except cake and chocolates.

    There are plenty of mod creators who are better suited to help this guy out although not sure they frequent the forums.

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