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My GTA 5 is crashing because of Addonpeds

  • Hello guys! Unfortunately I'm not able to play my GTA 5 because it is crashing due to Addonpeds. I have 234 custom peds and even using gameconfig for more peds and vehicles, HeapAdjuster and Packfile Limit Adjuster, my GTA keeps crashing for no reason. All errors are attached here (screenshots) Any help are much appreciate it!

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA

    Addonpeds mod is likely crashing because you have more peds than your hardware can handle. Or the addonped file is greater than 4GB, or you have problematic peds.

    I'm guessing you didn't install 234 peds in one shot? So reduce your number of peds, uninstall the last few which eventually caused your game to crash, or use multiple addonped rpfs to reduce filesize.

    Myth: a gameconfig.xml, heap limit, and packfile limit mods mean you can install an infinite number of mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN I'm currently running my GTA 5 on an Intel Xeon E5-2670 V3 2.30GHz with a GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5 + 32GB DDR4 of RAM, so I guess my problem isn't specifically hardware, as my PC is relatively good. Regarding the size of Addonpeds' dlc.rpf, it can't exceed 4GB, right? I went to check the file size and it didn't exceed 4GB, but it came close with exactly 3.4 GB specifically. Yes, I installed 234 peds at once. Is there a way to have 234 peds without having to replace the dlc.rpf file every time I open the game? What if you have a 'dlc.rpf' with X number of peds that don't crash the game plus a secondary 'dlc2.rpf' with the remaining peds? In this case, divide the 234 peds I have into these two dlc.rpf files. Is this possible?

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA said in My GTA 5 is crashing because of Addonpeds:

    Regarding the size of Addonpeds' dlc.rpf, it can't exceed 4GB, right?

    it can be exceeded in practice, but definitely not recommended.

    Your system specs are fine for the vanilla game but they don't give you free rein to add unlimited mods. Even at 64GB of ram you could crash. And 4GB of VRAM is really minimal for modding.

    You can try multiple dlcs. Keep in mind that it could also be a problematic mod that crashes the system.


    Use the template above, just make sure to rename the rpf along with its content and setup2 xml files.

    P.s. a best practice for modding is one at a time, install, run, test, rinse and repeat. Sure you can get away with a dozen peds in one shot but 234? Good luck finding that one ped crashing the system if thats the case.

    One final note, the size of rpfs can get really inflated due to fragmentation. OpenIV has a tool but it has crashed on me, so personally I create a new rpf in OpenIV and transfer the files.

  • @JohnFromGWN Oh ok, I understand... Yes, indeed, having a lot of mods inside the game can be complicated, but I'll try this method you sent me here. I'll check first to make sure there aren't any problematic Peds either, but as far as I remember, I had less than 200 Peds last week, until I downloaded another 20 new Peds right here on this website. Most are addons and 3 or 5 are streamed. Streamed Peds are those high definition Lara Croft, Ada Wong and Female Sims 4 Peds made by alex189 & saldin93.

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA when I wrote 234 in one shot, I meant in one installation session.

    The streaming mods from Alex are very stable, would not worry about them.

    With regards to the template, that's all you need. The other mods are optional.

  • @JohnFromGWN It might be a good idea to split 234 peds by 2, which would make a total of 117 peds. In this case 117 peds in 2 'dlc.rpf' files. Next year I'll see if I can change my video card and get a more powerful one to run heavier mods on my GTA 5. Maybe an RTX 3070 TI or a 3080. But thanks for your help anyway!

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA
    You can have multiple ped rpfs in every addonped rpf and you can give them descriptive names.

    One important word of caution, backup your peds.meta or the full addonpeds because on occasion a ped issue will result in OpenIV wiping that file blank.

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