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My GTA 5 is crashing because of Addonpeds

  • Hello guys! Unfortunately I'm not able to play my GTA 5 because it is crashing due to Addonpeds. I have 234 custom peds and even using gameconfig for more peds and vehicles, HeapAdjuster and Packfile Limit Adjuster, my GTA keeps crashing for no reason. All errors are attached here (screenshots) Any help are much appreciate it!

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA

    Addonpeds mod is likely crashing because you have more peds than your hardware can handle. Or the addonped file is greater than 4GB, or you have problematic peds.

    I'm guessing you didn't install 234 peds in one shot? So reduce your number of peds, uninstall the last few which eventually caused your game to crash, or use multiple addonped rpfs to reduce filesize.

    Myth: a gameconfig.xml, heap limit, and packfile limit mods mean you can install an infinite number of mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN I'm currently running my GTA 5 on an Intel Xeon E5-2670 V3 2.30GHz with a GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5 + 32GB DDR4 of RAM, so I guess my problem isn't specifically hardware, as my PC is relatively good. Regarding the size of Addonpeds' dlc.rpf, it can't exceed 4GB, right? I went to check the file size and it didn't exceed 4GB, but it came close with exactly 3.4 GB specifically. Yes, I installed 234 peds at once. Is there a way to have 234 peds without having to replace the dlc.rpf file every time I open the game? What if you have a 'dlc.rpf' with X number of peds that don't crash the game plus a secondary 'dlc2.rpf' with the remaining peds? In this case, divide the 234 peds I have into these two dlc.rpf files. Is this possible?

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA said in My GTA 5 is crashing because of Addonpeds:

    Regarding the size of Addonpeds' dlc.rpf, it can't exceed 4GB, right?

    it can be exceeded in practice, but definitely not recommended.

    Your system specs are fine for the vanilla game but they don't give you free rein to add unlimited mods. Even at 64GB of ram you could crash. And 4GB of VRAM is really minimal for modding.

    You can try multiple dlcs. Keep in mind that it could also be a problematic mod that crashes the system.


    Use the template above, just make sure to rename the rpf along with its content and setup2 xml files.

    P.s. a best practice for modding is one at a time, install, run, test, rinse and repeat. Sure you can get away with a dozen peds in one shot but 234? Good luck finding that one ped crashing the system if thats the case.

    One final note, the size of rpfs can get really inflated due to fragmentation. OpenIV has a tool but it has crashed on me, so personally I create a new rpf in OpenIV and transfer the files.

  • @JohnFromGWN Oh ok, I understand... Yes, indeed, having a lot of mods inside the game can be complicated, but I'll try this method you sent me here. I'll check first to make sure there aren't any problematic Peds either, but as far as I remember, I had less than 200 Peds last week, until I downloaded another 20 new Peds right here on this website. Most are addons and 3 or 5 are streamed. Streamed Peds are those high definition Lara Croft, Ada Wong and Female Sims 4 Peds made by alex189 & saldin93.

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA when I wrote 234 in one shot, I meant in one installation session.

    The streaming mods from Alex are very stable, would not worry about them.

    With regards to the template, that's all you need. The other mods are optional.

  • @JohnFromGWN It might be a good idea to split 234 peds by 2, which would make a total of 117 peds. In this case 117 peds in 2 'dlc.rpf' files. Next year I'll see if I can change my video card and get a more powerful one to run heavier mods on my GTA 5. Maybe an RTX 3070 TI or a 3080. But thanks for your help anyway!

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA
    You can have multiple ped rpfs in every addonped rpf and you can give them descriptive names.

    One important word of caution, backup your peds.meta or the full addonpeds because on occasion a ped issue will result in OpenIV wiping that file blank.

  • @JohnFromGWN Hi! Sorry for taking too long to answer you lol! I'm a little out of time these days and the last weekend was the only time I had availability. Anyway, about the peds we were talking about last week, I started to organize them all using that ReNNie method you recommended and I need your help, in fact it's another question I had during this procedure. This screenshot you are seeing is the internal part of my dlc.rpf which is inside the Addonpeds folder which is inside my 'mods' folder. What I would like to know is if I can split my 234 peds into 117 and put them inside the 'peds.rpf' folder and the other 117 in the 'peds2.rpf' folder as shown in the screenshot. But what I noticed is that even separating 117 peds within each peds.rpf, the total size of the Addonpeds 'dlc.rpf' will still be around 3.2 GB, which is close to the 4GB maximum you recommend for custom peds. I thought like this: what if I just duplicate my Addonpeds dlc.rpf into a dlc2.rpf and put the other 117 remaining peds in it? This would give some 'relief' for my GTA 5 because one dlc.rpf would size only 2.5 GB, while the other dlc2.rpf would only size 860 or 850 MB approximately. In your opinion, what would sound best to you? Separate my 234 custom peds inside two peds.rpf files, or have 117 in a ped.rpf that is inside a dlc.rpf, while the other 117 are inside a ped.rpf inside a dlc2.rpf? I asked you this because I took a look at how Rockstar organizes their dlc files, and I noticed that when a file almost exceeds 3GB, they duplicate the dlc.rpf in another, thus forming a 'dlc2.rpf', you know? Would it be possible? Would my 234 peds still be recognized by the game if this is plausible?

    alt text

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA

    You can have as many addonped folders as you want and name them whatever you want.
    For example: Addonpeds1, Addonpeds2, MyPeds, MarvelPeds, etc.

    Each addonped folder can have as many peds.rpfs as you want, and again name them whatever you want.

    1. Make sure you add each addonped folder to dlclist.xml
    2. Make sure setup2.xml and content.xml have any additional references if you add more peds.rpfs
    3. Make sure the filenames in the files above are correct if you renamed the addonped folder or peds.rpfs.

    For example, if you added another peds.rpf and called it peds4.rpf

    you add

          <overlay value="true" />
          <disabled value="true" />
          <persistent value="true" />

    and you add <Item>dlc_addonpeds:/peds4.rpf</Item>

    	  <filesToDisable />

  • @JohnFromGWN Now I understand, thank you very much! I was still confused about that part! I thought I would have problems if I had lots of dlc.rpf, but now it's clearer. When I spawn the peds, instead of using the Meth0d script (pressing L button to open Addonpeds), I can simply use Simple Trainer or Menyoo to spawn my peds, right? In this case, can I delete the Addonpeds script from Meth0d, including that rebuild program and the xml file that is inside the 'Rockstar Games' folder? I believe they will no longer be necessary when carrying out the method you recommended.

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA
    Yes, just spawn with a trainer. you are replacing the Meth0d mod completely with this manual approach.
    A few additional comments.
    Rpfs can have misleading inflated sizes due to fragmentation.
    OpenIV has a tool to defragment them which can dramatically reduce filesize. However it will sometimes screw up, so always backup first. I prefer, if I think an rpf is fragmented, to create a new rpf and move my files there.

    Finally, the installation of a problematic ped or just bad luck can lead to OpenIV wiping out the content of the peds.meta.
    So once more, backup regularly and ensure you aren't backing up blank files by checking in OpenIV first, because the issue seems to happen once game is loaded.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks, that's all I needed to know. I'll try to fix my peds here and if I have any questions, I'll get in touch. That's it for now! Oh, one more thing first: I have a modified gameconfig from user F7YO (Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles) that I'm using to prevent my game from crashing because of the amount of custom peds and custom vehicles. Do I need to modify anything in this gameconfig for it to work in this ReNNie method?

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA

    The quick answer is no. You shouldn't need to modify it because if it were that easy all the values would be set to 1 million and that would satisfy all users.

    I have a close friend who works for a AAA gaming company. His personal gaming PC cost him $10,000 and has 128GB of memory, mine was build by myself for a fraction of that and has 32GB.

    He was surprised that I could spawn over 100 peds without crashing while his crashed doing the same operation. Fact is Windows and GTA5 can't use infinite RAM or VRAM and can only support so many peds. (Same peds, same script I wrote to spawn them).

    Your limit will depend on many factors but remember the real problems occur not because you have 100s of peds installed, they occur when you spawn them all at the same time. Where they spawn on the map is also an issue - i.e assets, textures, etc.

  • @JohnFromGWN Hi! I came back again, but with bad news, unfortunately... Today I finished fixing all my custom peds using that ReNNie tutorial, but even doing everything right in his tutorial, my GTA 5 still keeps crashing after loading screen and giving that same stupid error. I won't go into too much detail here so I don't have to write the Bible, but even separating 117 peds in each different 'dlc.rpf' (dlc.rpf and dlc2.rpf), apparently it didn't work, because even the first dlc.rpf not being so big (2.3 GB), and the second having a maximum of 840 MB, that wasn't enough to make my game 'alive' and without giving errors. I'll attach here some gifs with my OpenIV opened inside the game's internal folders, as well as some screenshots I took. I think you were right, most likely I have some kind of bad ped or something, because even following the tutorial still didn't fix my problem. Wow, I got really angry here! I lost 3 nights adjusting each ped, for in the end it was all useless! Unfortunately I'm going to have to test ped by ped to find out which one is causing problems. In this case, the 20 new peds that I downloaded right here from the site! Before downloading these 20, my game wouldn't crash.

    Addonpeds OpenIV: https://gfycat.com/shydismalindianpalmsquirrel
    Addonpeds OpenIV 2: https://gfycat.com/jovialuncomfortableeeve

    alt text

    alt text

    The last screenshot for you to know, is about the 20 peds that I downloaded here in GTA 5 Mods. In this case I will try to remove those that I downloaded and see if the game continues to crash.

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA Hi.

    Your file structure is wrong unfortunately.

    There is one dlc.rpf for reach addonpeds folder. Again you can call the folder whatever you want as long as you match the name in the xml files.

    In each dlc.rpf, of each addonpeds folder, you have as many peds.rpf files you want. You can name them whatever you want and again you need to make sure the names match in the xml files. Also if you go beyond the default quantity, you need to add the additional ones as I did in my previous post in this thread.

    If unsure about adding extra peds.rpfs then stay with the original template, add a second addonpeds folder (i.e. addonpeds2) and adjust the content and setup2 xml files.

    Finally, there will only be 1 peds.meta file in each addonpeds folder. Don't change the name to avoid issues.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN I understood! Actually I can't create a 'dlc.rpf', with a 'dlc2.rpf' together like Rockstar does then! Following your logic, actually I should create an addonpeds folder (default) with a single dlc.rpf where it can contain multiple 'peds.rpf', and an addonpeds2 folder again also with a single 'dlc.rpf' and with multiple 'peds. rpf' inside. I apologize for my ignorance! I really have difficulties understanding things, but since you sent me a screenshot over here, I ended up understanding things as I should. So my GTA 5 may be crashing because of this erroneous structure that I did then, right? Okay, when I get back home today after my work, I'll fix my peds again and do as you said in your screenshot! I'm going to take that 'dlc2.rpf' that I created by mistake, and transform it into a normal 'dlc.rpf', but inside a folder called 'addonpeds2', and add it to the 'dlclist.xml' file so that my GTA 5 can recognize. In case my game presents errors or crashes again after the loading screen, I bring new answers here and again, I apologize for bothering you and my lack of understanding.

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA
    Here is what I suggest.

    Part 1

    1. Install the first addonpeds folder as is. Don't add any extra peds.rpf, don't rename anything.
    2. Add your peds, for example 20 or 25 per peds.rpf. Just drag and drop inside OpenIV.
    3. Edit peds.meta being careful to put the peds in right category such as male, female, streaming, normal, heels.
    4. Check for a file size hopefully not exceeding say 3.5GB
    5. You can remove the example entries from the original downloaded template.
    6. Start game and test.
    7. Backup the peds.meta file by extracting it to your hard drive, or backup entire folder.

    Note: probably best to test with 1 ped installed first.
    Also, avoid peds like Tommy V until this folder is stable.

    Part 2

    1. From Windows explorer, rename a second version of downloaded addonpeds and call it addonpeds2.
    2. Install that folder with the first addonpeds in your dlcpacks.
      Steps 1 and 2 suggested in Windows because it is stabler.
    3. From OpenIV, ensure to rename the folder references from addonpeds to addonpeds2 in the setup2.xml and content.xml
    4. Don't rename any files except the 2nd addonpeds folder to addonpeds2.
    5. Add a few peds to addonpeds2 etc as in Part 1, to any of the peds.rpf.
    6. Test
    7. Backup
    8. Rinse and Repeat

    Once you're comfortable with process you can rename folders and files being careful to adjust name changes in the xml files. You can also add additional peds.rpf packages if you want.

    Do not rename peds.meta.

    Backup. This is particularly recommended for peds.meta because OpenIV has wiped mine clean after a problematic ped installation 2 or 3 times.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks for the answer! I will do that when I get home tonight. I'm going to test and put some peds inside 'peds.rpf' and run the game and see if it crashes or not. I'm also going to take the opportunity to go see these 20 peds that I downloaded last week if there's any bugs or if people are complaining that their GTA 5 crashes after or during the loading screen. Btw, you mentioned Tommy Vercetti, is he bugged by any chance? I have 'HD Tommy Vercetti' created by user lunchxbles. Apparently it's not an addon, but a replacement for Michael or one of the three protagonists, but I transformed it into an addon by simply extracting the files from the 'models' folder in 'dlc.rpf' and using it as a streamed ped, while instead of a substitute model.

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA

    Once you're comfortable with this method, you can obviously add more addonped folders.
    Keep in mind that this just addresses the issue of filesize - it is absolutely not a guarantee your game will be stable.
    It does not take into account the quality of the peds - some will still crash your game.
    Finally remember that the more you mod your game, in any way, the more likely you will make it unstable.
    A more powerful PC helps, more RAM and VRAM help as well, but again there are limits.
    I used multiple mod folders but only one shared DLC folder to ensure stability while keeping duplication to a minimum.

  • @JohnFromGWN I bring you good news! I finally managed to get my peds working correctly and prevent my GTA 5 from crashing! It took a lot of work here, but I managed to solve it, testing ped by ped. Lucky for me, 'addonpeds2' (secondary addonpeds I created using that dlc2.rpf you said was structurally wrong) wasn't causing my game to crash! By the way, none of the addonpeds2 peds had problems, the original 'addonpeds' did! I simply removed all the peds that I had previously downloaded, and tested them one by one (remove a ped, start the game and see if it will crash. If it doesn't, test another ped and so on). Actually what was causing my game to crash was because of 2 peds in specific: 'Batman Gotham Knights w/cloth physics' by user 'gtav_KWABZ' (link: https://pt.gta5-mods.com/player/batman-gotham-knights-w-cloth-physics ) and 'HD Tommy Vercetti' from user 'lunchxbles' (link: https://pt.gta5-mods.com/player/hd-tommy-vercetti#description_tab ) . Yes, it was because of these 2 stupid peds that my GTA 5 was constantly crashing, and it was only by removing them that my game returned to normal. Ufa! I'm glad I did it, and I really appreciate your help man!! Thank you so much!! If it wasn't for your tips I think I would be racking my brains by now lol. But out of curiosity, why did these two peds make my game crash? People who were trying to use Tommy Vercetti HD as an addon were complaining about this problem! It looks like it's broken or something. I can't explain the Batman one, and strangely no one in the comments said about the problem, but I believe it's because of a '.yld' file that, by the way, not even the creator of the mod said what it is about. But anyway, what matters is that my problem was solved, so now I can play GTA 5 in peace without any problems so far! lol

  • @Fanatic-for-GTA

    I'm glad you fixed it.
    If you look at the thread you'll see I wrote "Also, avoid peds like Tommy V until this folder is stable."
    This is because there are 2 or 3 peds that crash my system instantly, he's one of them.

    Also, there is a quicker way to troubleshoot than removing peds one by one. Instead you remove half. If removing half works you know the problem exists in the removed peds, so repeat removing half with those.

    Of course the method isn't foolproof because the error could be in the configuration etc,

    Also, with bad luck, you might have 2 or more conflicting peds, each ending up in a different half.

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