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Regarding Rockstar's updated modding policy.

  • Does anyone know how gta5-mods will be affected by the new policy that Rockstar published?

    Specifically about the part that relates to real world branding, such as vehicles and clothing. A lot of vehicles on gta5-mods is real world branded, so I'm curious about the reaction modders will take considering servers are not allowed to use them on FiveM anymore. I'm curious if modders will remove branding from the vehicles but keep the same models, etc.

  • @Xejn

    We have to make the distinction between SP and Online/RP.

    In the SP Universe they can only protect their own IP. If someone uploads a Coke or Pepsi t-shirt here it will be up to those companies, not R*, not T2I, to make a DMCA claim.

    With respect to FiveM and company, will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    If they ever tried to enforce bullshit on SP, the workaround would be Steam emulators or cracked games - this would of course alienate their fan base so I don't see them going there.

    Obviously FiveM has gone whore and makes money on monetized mods (Tebex etc). If they go out of business what will be the impact on local host servers? I personally could care less about their RP servers.

    Overall I don't expect any dramatic changes, but we'll have to wait and see.

  • @Xejn said in Regarding Rockstar's updated modding policy.:

    considering servers are not allowed to use them on FiveM anymore

    That's your interpretation.

    "importation or misuse of other IP in the project, including other Rockstar IP, real-world brands, characters, trademarks or music;"

    This is legally vague and subject to interpretation. What is clear to me at least, is that they will not allow Liberty City, as an example, to be used in RP servers. That is consistent with the DMCA takedown claims they've done for SP.

    I know Ferrari makes $$$$$ licensing its brand but will they go after the modding community? If they do, R* will have to comply. I'm assuming FiveM will not have the resources to pay that kind of license fee and ofc FiveM doesn't run its own RP servers AFAIK. Having said that, did any real brands threaten this community given those mods have been out there for years?

    So how the hell would you police a stupid policy on the 100s or 1000s of user maintained RP servers out there? Have a bot that identifies an F355 or a Dino or a Roma based on the prancing horse badge - server by server?

    Misuse is another story. That is defendable. But removing real world brands? Come on.

    Should be interesting.


    @JohnFromGWN try finding Louis Vuitton on 5Mods ;) other than that, I agree

  • @ReNNie Meh, I couldn't expect a logical thing from those cold blooded animal murderers anyway...

    But I don't think even they would go on a real DMCA takedowns anyway. All LV mods removed from here are still available at gta5mod.net . If they were too serious about it, they would do this globally, not gta5mods.com targetted.

    Just a personal opinion of mine, if the staff of this site wouldn't care and wouldn't remove those mods, I highly doubt they would sue the owner anyway. But since the owner is a "Yes Man";

    "Yes Man"

    when it comes to those request, he just removed them to avoid any legal trouble.

    Not sure from the FiveM wise though. Seems like they are a whole different community than gta 5 community.

    But if a company is stupid enough to target free mods, than what can I say... Steven Ogg became this much popular is because of gta5, not because of The Walking Dead. To me, gta 5 is a perfect place for brands to advertise their brands without even lifting a finger or paying a penny.

  • @ReNNie said in Regarding Rockstar's updated modding policy.:

    try finding Louis Vuitton on 5Mods other than that, I agree

    No. I meant searching for specific brands on the thousands of RP servers out there.

  • I am going to scream of fucking joy if this means FiveM ceases to exist.

    Fuck FiveM and especially fuck CFX.

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