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Spawn a lot of peds Crash

  • hi I'm setting up a scenario of many people for some scenes but every time I get to a high threshold of spawned peds, and I do some action like changing peds, it crashes me, is there a way to spawn as many as I want?
    Should I change the gameconfig?

  • @fsix

    You can try different configurations but that's no guarantee it will help.

    There are many factors here including your hardware and installed mods, but mostly it boils down to memory. The more peds, the more complex the peds, the more polygons, the higher the resolutions, the greater the probability of a crash.

    For similar reasons, where you are on the map will also come into play, ideally pick a spot where your FPS is highest. The vanilla airport runway will be more forgiving than the Forests of San Andreas mod.

    Finally always reboot to ensure you have all memory available and avoid memory stealing background apps.

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