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  • Quick Overview:
    What’s is CoBind??

    • a work in progress project made around LSPDFR

    What does it do?

    • CoBinds Aims to make LSPDFR, StopThePed, Ultimate Backup, ELS, etc controller friendly!

    (e.g: Press LB + A = F8 = Menu1)
    (e.g: Hold A = Alt + G = Menu2)

    By using AntiMicroX and different assignments we aim to maximize the controllers use!

    Problems & Progress

    -CoBind 1.0.0 Alpha
    Problems I encountered:
    1: Rockstar locks you to only using a set of their
    configurations for controller in the settings that’s it

    2: Rockstar won’t let you save keyboard key binds as empty In the settings (e.g: you can’t erase all your keyboard keys/have them unset)

    3: Yes i am aware of the Free Me mod, but it wasn’t working for me & it didn’t have a config that was compatible with what I needed. So I took it upon myself.

    4: I Spent the afternoon browsing forums found one in particular that helped (link)
    but I still had to figure out what I needed to remove and where it was.. mind you I have never coded, made a mod, or heavily edit lines of meta. I have heavily modded quite a bit of games tho and am PC savy lol..

    Progress made:
    1: I have managed to unbind all the keybinds on keyboard with the help of Remove Keyboard & Mouse Binds big thanks to doofy23 for the upload!

    2: I have managed to remove useless controller binds why still leaving what’s needed editing the meta files myself. Optimizing for LSPDFR and plugins.

    Removed Binds List: ⬇️
    • All Vehicle weapon binds - menu,shoot,reload,etc
    • Vehicle Radio
    • Melee Attack
    • Phone (With the ability to still scroll up in menus!!)
    • Removed Cover (Rebinding using AntiMicroX)
    • Duck
    • Rockstar Games Overlay
    • Record
    • Cinematic Camera
    • Handbrake (I never use it anyway in chases cause RP)
    • Horn (Removed for now to try things with ELS)

    might rebind “pause” “cover” using AntiMicroX
    to a hold style (e.g: you’d have to hold each corresponding button for a set time to pop up the window or take cover)

    Release Date
    Still gotta fix some lines in the Meta and stuff but the best part is it all should be some what easily transferable.

    You would just need to Copy my .ini files for the plugins/scripts I use like StopThePed, Ultimate Backup, Compulite, ELS, etc) and replace your current ones (obviously back them up before this)

    Then Copy the following .meta files into the corresponding folder (would put in a read me)

    Then download AntiMicroX and load my config

    ;::Alternatively if you use different plugins I’ll have a speed sheet of my bindings how the are set up if you wanted to do this but use different plugins I haven’t used::;
    Sadly I don’t think there is an easier way unless someone can make a script that runs this or something idk that’s beyond my limits!..

    If you’re interested in helping lemme know!

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