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no traffic roaming

  • hi so to make it short I've played GTA V with a carpack for a long time and today when I launched into single player I see that there are no cars roaming whatsoever. I've removed my mods I've reinstalled them but I couldn't get cars roaming. I have parked cars and peds other than that nothing. does anyone know a fix?


    I'm not sure what's causing your problem, not even sure what you mean.

    If you mean you don't have any ambient traffic it could be due to installed scripts, alone or conflicting, if you, or a script or visual mod, edited/changed metadata such as popcycle or even your gameconfig.xml, then possibly screwed up your traffic.

    The other way is through a trainer. For example you may have inadvertently decreased traffic in Menyoo or another Trainer.

    Check your trainer settings first and secondly review what scripts and visual mods you installed.

    Removing your mods won't fix anything if you changed metadata files or if you modded the game folder.

    If you modded the game folder do a verify integrity.

    To rule out mods completely, assuming game files were not modified, simply temporarily rename dinput8.dll to dinput8.bak or move it out of your root folder. This is the simple way to remove all mods including asi and dlls and check if traffic is present as expected in the vanilla, unmodded, game.

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