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[VEHICLE] I am looking for someone to build a high quality Porsche 962C (long tail) (short tail) mod.

  • GTA5 already has mods such as the Mazda 787B, Japan's first overall Le Mans winner, or the Sauber Mercedes C9, the 400 km/h at Unodiere, but still no mod for the Porsche 962C, which won Le Mans seven times in a row. @Theoasterix I know you are already building high quality Group C cars! I don't have the knowledge to build the body, but I can make it handle realistically. Please, I would like you to make a legendary Group C machine using VehFuncs V or similar.

    From here on out, we're talking about mod specs, and if you can make the <fDownForceModifier> item functional in the handling, we can make the handling more realistic!

    The Porsche 962C was owned by various works teams, so there are many different decals available, and I would like to see the ability for users to create their own decals!

    Finally, I am Japanese and this text is written using translation software, so please forgive me if some words may offend you.

  • Porsche 962C (short tail)

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