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No traffic in vacinity

  • So i installed a few car packs because i wanted to make the world feel more realistic. i ended up downloading 2 of the three car packs because the last one was not working. I downloaded Abolf, Gta5Korn and the last one didn't work. Anyways once I booted up the game all I saw was bel air's on the road and the rest of the cars would be in the vicinity far away and if I get any where near them they despawn. So i deleted the car packs and its still doing the same thing except there are no cars period except for a bike a mule and a pounder. emergency cars still show up but no other cars spawn at all. its very dead and quite the opposite outcome I was expecting after downloading these mods. i figure its not gameconfig because if i put 5x traffic and peds the peds will still spawn and it would be normal but for the A.I vehicles on the other hand it is quite the opposite.

    If anyone could help or give valuable advice on what to do, it would help a lot thanks.

  • sounds like you've broken either your popcycle or popgroups file. Put the original ones from the vanilla folder back in the same location in your mods folder

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