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Can anyone solve the problem of buggy car textures after removing the add-on LIVERY?

  • Can anyone solve the problem of the car texture going wrong when I remove the LIVERY that is originally attached to the add-on car?


    @BIG-YOSHIKI what does it look like ingame, which vehicle, etc

  • @ReNNie This is what happens when LIVERY is deleted.
    https://ul.h3z.jp/3ljjqEDM.png https://ul.h3z.jp/GiM21xUo.png


    @BIG-YOSHIKI don't remove the sign_1 but make it a 16x16 empty full transparency png

  • Cars can also be "script spawned" with a specific livery (or none) without modifying meta files or removing a texture from the ytd file.

    For regular liveries:

    Function.Call(Hash.SET_VEHICLE_LIVERY, vehicle1, 1); //native function, YTD livery


    vehicle1.Mods.Livery = 1; //SHVDN, YTD livery

    For liveries that are part of modkit (using Benny's for example in Menyoo)

    Function.Call(Hash.SET_VEHICLE_MOD, vehicle1, 48, 1, false); //Livery in Modkit, 48 identifies component as livery

  • @ReNNie I tried it and still got the texture bug.

  • @JohnFromGWN Sorry, I am Japanese and my English is not perfect and hard to understand, so let me ask you a question. Which metafile should I edit? And which one is it?

    Konnichiwa, watashi wa 5m1th a63nt desu. Hajimemashite (こんにちわ、 ワタシ 和 5m1th あ63んt です。 はじめまして) (that's all the Japanese I know how to say/speak (if it's even correct? (never done it written down before, just know how to say it)), but I'll (hopefully) explain everything you need to know as simply as possible :thumbsup:)

    For translation, I used https://translate.google.co.uk/ (hope it works)
    翻訳のために、私は https://translate.google.co.uk/ (うまくいきますように)

    Method 1 - (If You Want a Quick & Super Simple Fix):
    方法 1 - (すばやく簡単に修正したい場合)

    If you have trouble understanding what is written below this, use this method :thumbsup:

    Download these two '.yft's & install them overwriting the originals:
    これらの 2 つの '.yft's をダウンロードして、オリジナルを上書きしてインストールします:

    If it they don't work, make sure the pgt332 'dlc.rpf' is the same as it was when you downloaded it.
    うまくいかない場合は、pgt332 'dlc.rpf' がダウンロードしたときと同じであることを確認してください

    You can now delete these files from the 'pgt332.ytd':

    • pgt332_sign_2
    • pgt332_sign_3
    • pgt332_sign_4

    That should be it fixed. What is written below is just a different way of doing it.
    これで修正されるはずです。 以下に書かれているのは、それを行う別の方法です


    Method 2 - (If You Want to Fix it on your Own etc):
    方法 2 - (自分で修正する場合など)

    • Start by reinstalling the pgt332 'dlc.rpf' so it's exactly the same as it was when you first installed it (re-download/reinstall it if you have to etc)

    • Export 'pgt332_sign_1' from 'pgt332.ytd' using the '[Export selected]' button:

    Export pgt332_sign_1

    • Then use the '[Replace]' button (top right) & replace 'pgt332_sign_2', 'pgt332_sign_3' & 'pgt332_sign_4' with the 'pgt332_sign_1' texture you exported in previous step:

    Replace 'pgt332_sign_2, 3 & 4'

    • End result (all 'pgt332_sign_' textures (2, 3 & 4) are replaced with 'pgt332_sign_1' texture:

    End Result


    Method 3 - (If You Want to Know Why it was Broken):
    方法 3 - (壊れた理由を知りたい場合)

    The '.yft' files linked above have this fix already applied to them (no need to repeat the process etc). This is just if you want to know how they were fixed/how to fix similar issues in future etc :thumbsup: (also might help someone else with the same issue etc)

    • Using CodeWalker > '[<<]' button (top right) > '[Tools...]' > 'RPF Explorer...'
    • :digit_one: Search for 'pgt332.yft' in search box (top right)
    • :digit_two: Right-click 'pgt332.yft' result
    • :digit_three: Select 'Open File Location'

    CodeWalker Search

    • :digit_four: Highlight both '.yft' files using Ctrl+Left Mouse
    • :digit_five: Select 'Export XML...' from the menu
    • Note: Leave CodeWalker's RPF Explorer window open for later

    Export to XML

    • Choose a location to export the ('yft.xml') files to.
    • Then open the exported 'pgt332.yft.xml' & 'pgt322_hi.yft.xml' files with Notepad++ (best, but any text editor will do) & search (Ctrl+F) for 'sign' to find this section of the file/s:
         <RenderBucket value="0" />
          <Item name="DiffuseSampler" type="Texture">
          <Item name="DamageSampler" type="Texture" />
          <Item name="DiffuseSampler2" type="Texture">
           <Name>pgt322_sign_4</Name> <!-- should be 'pgt322_sign_1' -->
          <Item name="DirtSampler" type="Texture">
          <Item name="SpecSampler" type="Texture">


          <Item name="DiffuseSampler2" type="Texture">
           <Name>pgt322_sign_1</Name> <!--'pgt322_sign_4' replaced with 'pgt322_sign_1' -->
    • Once 'pgt322_sign_4' is replaced with 'pgt322_sign_1' within the '.yft.xml' files, you can save them.
    • Back in Codewalker's RPF Explorer window (in the pgt332 'vehicles.rpf' you exported the files from earlier), hit the '[:shield: Edit mode]' button (top middle right) (& select 'Yes' to any warnings it gives you)
    • Then right-click on any empty area within the RPF Explorer window & select 'Import XML...'
    • Navigate to the location of your edited & saved '.yft.xml' files, select them & then press the '[Open]' button
    • Note: Once the import is complete the RPF Explorer window will blip (usually takes a second or two)
    • That's it, '.yft' files fixed
    • The 'pgt322_sign_2/3/4' textures can now safely be deleted from the 'pgt322.ytd' without issue.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you so much for your detailed and precise explanation of what I did not understand. It really helped me because I was in real trouble. I have never met anyone with such a beautiful mind as yours.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Excellent, clear, concise, and well illustrated explanation as expected from our resident guru.

    I've used the replace method to remove unwanted textures from Trevor's helmets but didn't even think it would apply here as I didn't really understand the issue.

    However I knew you would.

    I was also wondering how you had identified the specific Porsche model until I realized just now that there were actually 2 image links, side by side, which I mistakenly took for only one, the Menyoo one.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @a63nt-5m1th One last question: what if I can't deploy xml?https://ul.h3z.jp/bBG3oJMZ.png


    Do you have the latest version of Code Walker?


    If @a63nt-5m1th exported it, you should be able to as well.

    Like @JohnFromGWN says:

    Do you have the latest version of Code Walker?

    always get Codewalker from that^ discord link (the one here on gta5-mods is really old & missing features). That's the most likely cause of not being able to export to XML, but if you're still having trouble with the latest version of Codewalker, let us know :thumbsup:

    Yeah, was able to find it (luckily) googling for 'pgt322 gta v' from the pics :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I got the latest version and was able to extract the xml file successfully. Thank you very much. And since you are always teaching me, I have one useful information to share with you. When chatting with Japanese people, use this site instead of Google Translate for more accurate Japanese!!!!

    ありがとうございました、DeepLをブックマークします :thumbsup:

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