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Line of Null symbols at the bottom of dlclist.xml

  • Hi, why is there a line of little black boxes that say NULL at line 82 in my dlclist.xml? Is that something I should delete? Leave it Alone? Or what else? I'm playing on 2699.16, I have been having a constant result of getting ERR_SYS_FILELOAD Corrupted Game Data bullcrap for about a couple weeks now, I'm losing hope now, hopefully R* will come out with a new update that doesn't have a 5 car limit... Thanks in Advance...

  • @Argentum860

    Well you've definitely shed light on your problem as black boxes and null are never present in dlclist.xml and are indicative of a major issue, FUBAR.

    Sounds more like a binary file than a text file? Is your version pirated?

    Please post your dlclist.xml on pastebin or here.

    P.S. the 5 car limit will not go away with next update nor will the little black boxes in your xml because Rockstar has nothing to do with either one.

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