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Beware! December 13th R* Drug Wars update inbound... ready to break your game

  • Great. After months of trying to get everything working again after the last two and a half updates, here comes another and it looks to be worse than the last two. According to leaks, this christmas update won't be the usual drop of a few clothes, cars and maybe a heist. Looks like they're bringing 'Michael' back into the game and 'wait for it'...'the ability to make/mix music' in the game....

    Along with more (problems for modders) stuff for the 'enhanced' garbage, now there will be more complicated code dropped in to 'make music?' Needless to say I'm seriously not looking forward to this as I am currently unable to 'revert' or hold off updates anymore. What do you all think about this?


    @iammistahwolf I think Goldberg is Gold.

  • Seems the update might be on December 13th.

    Mark that on your calendars as the date, to be confirmed, when your mods no longer work (backing up GTA5.exe is just too complicated).

    If you don't backup before the update, remember to post a new thread entitled "When is SH5 being updated?" so Alexander Blade realizes there's been an update given this is his priority in life during the invasion of his country.



  • Yeah, these days 'backing up GTA V' means keeping a copy of my current mod folder as the revamped launcher setup will not allow reversion in the retail version. Unfortunately, not setup for Steam or Fivem. I 'was' good with blocking out 'R' by staying offline keeping social crud from accessing the 'net and keeping the date within the last five days of my last log in. I was fine with that...buuuut noooo! 'R' wants everyone on the 'sharkcard merry-go-down' whether they give a crap or not.... But I digress....

  • @ReNNie Nice to see someone else is also getting fun out of Goldberg's excellent RGSC emulator!

  • Bumping this up although definitely not optimistic it will be read.

    Maybe we should start a thread called "When will Scripthook Five be Updated" with full responsibility falling on this site to make the code changes?

    Or how about a thread titled "Mods no longer work after update. Plz Heeeeeelp. Urgent!"

  • @JohnFromGWN "Maybe we should start a thread called "When will Scripthook Five be Updated" with full responsibility falling on this site to make the code changes?"

    Heh. With the 'update' mere days away, I would figure all the 'smoke' in the house would let everyone know there's a 'fire'....


    @iammistahwolf as if kids even are aware of a thing called Forums and the concept of reading. Nah, discord will be fun Tuesday and the following days

  • @iammistahwolf

    From past experience, there will be at least 3 or 4 separate postings asking the site admins to update SH5. If AB is not readily available, then we can expect more than 3 or 4.

    We will also see 10 threads or more about why update broke the mods and an equal amount asking for old copies of GTA5.exe so they can revert.

    Of course everyone will act surprised that the update broke their game and curse the hell out of R*.

  • Unfortunately, as users of the R* launcher, we no longer have a way to prevent the game from updating.

    It sucks.

  • @Fabito48hd

    Actually there is a way, except nobody has ever found it or shared it.

    I know this because when I revert after an update with Steam it no longer nags me.

    Which means Steam sets a flag somewhere so it knows the game is updated. However reverting fools Steam into thinking GTA5 was already updated.

    I really doubt Steam keeps this flag in the cloud. More likely to be local, perhaps in the registry.

    Finding this flag, whether in a text, binary, or registry entry would allow us to stop the update process unless it is some random hash shit.

    Either way updates are a joke. I can revert manually or with a batch file in less than 30 seconds - and what, twice a year? Who cares?

    As for all the users who will have their games broken in a few days, all I can say is if you're unable to learn from past experiences, or you haven't done your homework in the first place, don't bitch about R* breaking your beloved mods when you're the ignorant ones.

    Want to mod? Learn the game before you play.

  • @JohnFromGWN Believe me, what I know about 'the game' came from me constantly digging around my system for everything 'gtav'. Truthfully, if I do find a way to stop the 'retail' version from updating again, I'm probably not going to say anything. When I figured out how to do it before, 'R' changed the launcher and now that method doesn't work anymore. Similar to the old (and beloved) 'Launcher Bypass', 'R' no doubt has their goons watching forums on the 'Net thinking 'blocking mods will make these fools by shark cards again.' (makes farting sound)

  • @iammistahwolf
    You could be right, but honestly I don't think they give a crap about us.

    I think the reason they force updates, like many other companies and essentially every single game update on Steam, is to have everyone on exactly the same platform - vanilla speaking.

    This way they hope to reduce support tickets or at least they don't have to ask what version you're on. If you're not on the latest version, then you have a pirated game.

    Which you have to admit makes sense for the developer, whether it is games or software. Shit, Microsoft forces Windows Updates whether you want to or not and is notorious for breaking systems (worse than R*) with their updates (I have my updates turned off using Windows Pro and group policies).

    Sure R* makes all their money on GTAO but I'm sure they realize the SP only player is not going start playing GTAO or buying shit online just because there was an update.

    I think they just see SP modding as an annoyance or that we don't even exist. They certainly don't give a shit if their updates break mods, but I really doubt they would do it on purpose.

    I hate having to have an account to play a game I legally purchased, but Epic, Steam, and Ubi all force you to do that. Microsoft and Adobe and others are all with subscription models now.

    So I've just come to terms that nothing is going to change, it will only get worse. As for emulators? I don't install extra software if I can bypass a problem, and I have a solution.

    As for not sharing the solution to the flag/update question. I have to agree with you. Best not to share it because indeed they would close that loophole to ensure all the sheep have the same software version. On the other hand, given the revert process eliminates the update, R* could have forced Steam to put in a more rigorous method. So a solution already exists, but it just takes an extra step.

    P.S. I have the same frustration with FiveM - being local only but being forced to authenticate with their servers. Online fine, but offline? FY FiveM.

  • I also think that R* doesn't give a damn about us SP users.

    But I, being an ignorant person, do think they could leave us out of their initiative to update GTAO.

    Who cares about that shit?

    The reality is that every few months we have to see ourselves in the same situation and fuck, I'm getting old.

  • Unfortunately they are a business and the game they launched in 2013 (2015 for the PC) will no longer have DLC offerings.

    This isn't different from the majority of games. They aren't supported, for free, forever. A game has a finite lifespan with respect to updates.

    GTAO is another story. It generates millions for R* and T2I. They will milk it for every penny and it allows them to take their sweet time with GTA6 - no rush, no urgency, and no competition between GTA6 SP and GTA5 online.

    Either way, SP or GTAO, they don't care about the modding community. They must realize it boosts the value of the GTA franchise and its loyal customer base, but they see us more as a nuisance.

    Why? Because mods, in the hands of someone who barely knows where the PC power button is, break the game. We see it all the time on the forums, not just after every update. "Help, SH5 broke my game". Or "Helppppppppppppp, OpenIV is broken".

    And of course you have the garbage like Quant, who sully the whole modding community by introducing viruses to mods. And finally the FiveM RP whores who compete directly with GTAO and are tolerated by R* who could indeed shut them down.

    So once more, like a badly broken record, my advice is to revert (or use an emulator as some do) and all the issues magically disappear. If you can't revert, for whatever reasons, but you can still afford to pay for internet, then ask your parents for Steam or Epic GTA5 for christmas. If you're lucky it might be on sale, worst case about $15. Or get a part time or full time job and you can pay for the game after the first hour or two working, unless you are working as illegal child labour.

  • @JohnFromGWN, You mentioned 'using an emulator'. What is that?

  • @iammistahwolf

    Emulators have been mentioned in the forums a few times as a way to bypass updates permanently and play offline or even without an internet connection.

    For example the Goldberg one emulates the Steam client, replacing the Steam api.

    Not sure if Goldberg is the author or it's a reference to Tom Goldberg.

    Personally I never use mods or software if I can do something myself, in this case swap a new exe after an update.

    Of course If the Steam loophole was ever closed and I was forced to play updated then I would go the emulator route.

    If there was a FiveM emulator however I would definitely use it.


    alt text

  • @ReNNie Great!

    Now in the game it will be possible to fight and kill for drug trafficking.

    That's what we've been waiting for.

  • @iammistahwolf Good, accurate, hopefully attention grabbing title change.

  • @Fabito48hd

    Yes we will, but remember that GTA6, will reflect the societal norms of 202x, not those of 2013 and 2015.

    In other words, no drugs, no killing, no violence (particularly against women). In fact women will be invincible.

    Whores will be replaced by female University teachers that look like Hillary Clinton, the death penalty will be the punishment for stealing a car or violence towards animals.

    Automatic rifles and gas powered cars will be banned, as will all CO2 emissions. Cows will no longer fart.

    Mods will be allowed but need to go through a morality and ethics panel, if not, Rockstar will fine the author and website.

    Swearing will be limited to words and expressions such as: golly, heck, and what the fudge, but not allowed on GTAO.

    There will be more than 3 protagonists, one from each major religion and ethnicity, one from each group in LGBTQIA+, at least one with a physical handicap and at least 2 with autism or ADHD.

    Praying will be added as an animation, with variations for Christians, Muslims, etc.

    The MP female will be completely redesigned to be even uglier and, as long requested by her clothing mod fans, will have a slot for male genitalia as default. Rockstar will allow thankfully for "better" mod retextures.

    Finally the Jesus character on the Pier will be replaced with actual historic religious leaders and prophets, at random, from all major regions including the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • @JohnFromGWN hahaahahahaha i loved it, sad but true.

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol, and there will be NPCs with 200+ dialogue options where you have to guess their "pronouns", get it wrong and you're instantly at 5 star wanted level.

  • @chonkie Thank you. They forgot to mention that in they's post.

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