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GTA Won't load the scripts and mods folder

  • For a couple of months, GTA won't load the scripts and mods folders. I've looked into almost everything but couldn't find the issue. I have openiv installed and included all the needed asi loaders etc. The game runs just like normals only won't load in the scripts and my added vehicles and stuff.

    Does some one know what it could be?

  • @bassmake said in GTA Won't load the scripts and mods folder:

    For a couple of months,

    Unlike Covid19, GTA5 does not mutate nor do mods, but I could be wrong. You haven't provided any useful information at all but I'm guessing from your post that your game did work and now it no longer works.

    There's a simple explanation to that: you made some changes that broke your game and you didn't go back and undo those changes. OIV installer recently?

    Given neither mods nor scripts load, this isn't a gameconfig.xml, heap or packfile issue.

    My guess is that you deleted dinput8.dll or watched a youtube video telling you to replace it?

    Go back to basics, reinstall SH5, reinstall SH5DN if you're running scripts.

    Ensure you have all the necessary files in your root and scripts folder.

    SH5 is essential. Dinput8.dll loads stuff that end in asi. OpenIV.asi loads your mods. SH5DN works with SH5 to execute scripts. Trainer does the rest.

    All the rest of the stuff is to keep the mods from crashing, but not from loading.


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    More about what modding files do

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