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Help! turn on city lights in the day

  • I was wondering if any of you know how I can turn on the city lights and streetlights during the day, what file or modification should I make, thank you very much for the answer!

  • @Nixtorrasch
    Have a read of this post. It'll give you the basics :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you very much, however, what I am looking for is that the lights of the city are on during the day the same as at night :(

  • @Nixtorrasch You didn't read the post did you? A63nt-5m1th answers how to turn on streetlights and building emissives in that post, which is what you asked for. It just sucks that you'll have to edit a lot of files.

  • @Nixtorrasch
    @chonkie is correct. Barring a detailed step by step tutorial, everything you need to know to have the building lights on in the daytime is in that^ previous linked post. Study the pics & use Codewalker & OpenIV to have a look at the file names shown in the pics & you can figure out how they are connected :thumbsup:

    Note: It can sometimes takes a second or two for pics to load on gta5-mods forum, so wait until they do, or refresh the page until they do etc.

    Daytime Building Lights:

    Building Lights 01

    Building Lights 02

    Building Lights 03

    Basically, you'll have to use Codewalker (get from <that discord link, not the one on gta5-mods, as gta5-mods one is years out of date & missing features) to identify all the emissive entities (in Codewalker)/emissive '.ydr' files (in OpenIV) that have the window lights in them & then you'll have to find the data for each of them in their respective '.ytyp' archetype files & then edit the 'timeFlags value' line value to the one that matches the times you want the lights to be on.

    You can find the correct value for the 'timeFlags value' line by looking at an emmisive building window entity in Codewalker (Hint: right-click mouse & drag sideways to change to night as easier to find them). Then, looking at the 'Time Archetype Def' tab & ticking the boxes for the time/s you want those windows to be lit will cause the 'timeFlags value' to be displayed in the 'Time Flags:' box. You then take that value & enter it in the '.ytyp' files 'timeFlags value' line for the emissive entities you want to be lit in the daytime etc (Codewalker will tell you what '.ytyp' the archetype data is stored in for a particular entity when you select/highlight it (Hint: 'Archetype > Ytyp' line in 'Entity' tab in Codewalker).

    As the time flag value will be the same, as long as the ticked times of day in the 'Time Archetype Def' tab are the same, you only need to do that last part once if you want all the building lights you edit to either stay on 24/7 or all switch ON/OFF at the same time together (ie none of them switching ON/OFF at different time etc). So, once you have your desired time flag value, you can move straight to editing the 'timeFlags value' for the correct entities in their respective '.ytyp' file/s.

    Also as @chonkie says, there are quite a few '.ytyp' edits that will need to be made to cover all the building lights in the game (& all of their LOD/SLOD's as well, to avoid lights switching off when you move away from them/on when you move closer etc). ~3800 timeFlags value edits in ~400 '.ytyp' files if I recall. As you can tell from the pics above, I have a 24/7 Building Lights mod I created installed in my game, but it was created as a paid contract for the CineREALISM mod, so I can't share the files (can only point you in the right direction to be able to do it yourself :thumbsup:).

    What I will add, is that there is a very small performance cost to doing it (likely just 1>3 fps at most in most games, but results may vary, a little), but it is worth doing, it looks awesome & adds a nice little touch to the game,
    I like it a lot

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    It's irresponsible of the OP to leave the lights on during the day due to its impact on climate change not to mention the inflated costs of electricity. Shame on him!

  • Thank you very much for all this information, I thought it was easier, like just changing the time of day in general, but it's something I have to spend time on

  • Does anyone know if this is also possible for GTA IV? I've had a look at the GTA IV version of the visualSettings.dat file and I can't find the same settings as for GTA V unfortunately.

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