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Cayo Perico map texture problem

  • Since I don't want to update my game and because rockstar broke the no launcher mods after 1.50 , I stayed with 1.50 . Unfortunately though the Cayo Perico came after this update...

    So anyhow, I decided to install the Cayo Perico map from external source but the map is having a texture glitch and no this isn't a conflict with another mod. I tried it on vanilla game and from 2 different sources and they all keep having this weird problem :thinking:

    The LOD looks ok since these glitches only starts when I get close to the island.

    alt text

    More screenshots if you want to look;

    My question is, is there no way around to get this map properly working unless I update my game?

    Because I don't wanna update the game now after all this time not to mention all the custom changes I'm gonna lose in the update.rpf and the part that my game will just get cluttered...

    I also don't wanna deal with cracked versions because I already have the original version. So if there is a way to fix this problem please let me know, otherwise I will just give up because nothing I did for an entire month fixed this... :(


    @Aurora11 hmm I'm also using elcreador's Cayo Perico South as an Add-On but on v2189.0 which is the Cayo Perico update and don't have this texture glitch. So first guess would be, you're indeed missing some required stuff in your base files.

  • @Aurora11

    I also have CP as an addon, without any texture issues. Don't remember the source but I'll check later and post back.

    P.s, given the saturation of colors in your screenshot wondering if it's not your visual mods not playing nice for some reason.

  • @ReNNie Probably I need some .ytds from it that isn't included in the elcreador's version :thinking:

    @JohnFromGWN Nope, I was tried it without ReShade too. Have a backup of my original game installation. So after I was backed up my modded game folder (the entire gta 5 folder inside rockstar games), I gave it a try again but same thing still happened :( I guess the addon version of Cayo Perico not fully standolone, but have texture dependency from the vanilla game files. I hope I still have that dlcpack if not gonna download it for testing. Then I'm thinking of taking every ytd files from it and trying with them together.

  • @Aurora11

    Ok I have elcreador but it is North, with traffic, and I did my own manual install. I'm on 2372 (Steam) forever.

    I did NOT install the asi or any other files, particularly garbage like the packfile mod from before WWII.

    The only installation required, for me, was 2 dlc.rpfs, one called CP and one called CayoPerico. Traffic and textures are perfect and no obstacles (i.e. unwanted collisions).

    Let me know if you want them.

  • @Aurora11

    I doubt you need updates for this to work because you're not missing textures or are you? And why just that particular area of beach/sand?????

    But you should at least update to 1.52/1.53 (Cayo Perico).

    I think 2372 is 1.54/1.57 (tuners) if I'm not mistaken and I can vouch this is a super stable version and every single ped, map, and vehicle I have installed that were made after this update can be installed without issues. No idea about scripts mods because I don't install them and they are more linked to SHVDN than GTA versions.

    P.S. Do you have the Purple Hulk installed. It looks like something urinated purple pee all over your sand.

  • @Aurora11 I checked, and if you are indeed missing textures it's kinda stupid that they would just be missing in one spot. So either ele whatever his name is added the textures or he forgot some. Mostly grass and sand in that area, and from your pic, most of them are there as are the trees.

    No reason for him or R* to put LODs in a different patch or different dlc.rpf.

    alt text


    @JohnFromGWN said in Cayo Perico map texture problem:

    missing textures it's kinda stupid

    yeah true, maybe it's the Purple Hulk after all then

  • @JohnFromGWN I checked everywhere but looks like I deleted the damn thing :( Sure I can try the ones you send, though I was downloaded it from elcreador too from gtainside and there is no update to it since 2020 either :(

    I also deleted this ReShade too just to be sure but textures still glitch out :( and it's not only vegetation either, some part of the road also same :(

    @ReNNie Damn that green mutated giant angry blob :@ He must have spread his gamma disease all over me :@

    Guess I will just switch to goldberg since downgrading only works with Steam :sob: :sob: :cry:

  • @Aurora11 I'm uploading the files. Two folders, each one with different filetypes. Works perfectly, situated North, has traffic.

  • Hummmm, thanks to you guys I just discovered this thing of having all those maps as addons.

    Is it stable and is there traffic in both Cayo Perico and Liberty Citiy?


  • @Fabito48hd Liberty City is in my opinion the best map addon, nothing comes close, but Cayo Perico is amazing as well.

    There are dozens of variations of Liberty City and I honestly don't understand the differences. There is documentation but it is confusing asF so I basically experimented with 3 or 4 until I got a suitable one and ofc I did manual installations only.

    Both the LC and CP maps I have installed have traffic. I made a few modifications to LC. I removed the sound of the Ocean in Times Square which was kinda ridiculous, I replaced the coffee cup held by the statue of Liberty, and I replaced a texture of the Tyrannosaurus in the museum which was missing its head. Oh, I also replaced textures like billboards and stores in Times Square, some with a mod, others with my own textures. I also removed the ugly bridge connecting LS with LC. I think the traffic paths may have been a mod.

    I also have LC and CP on FiveM.

    As for stability? That depends 100% on your hardware, your configuration, and how many other mods you have installed. Also depends how many addons you spawn in one session.

    All I can say, from my own experience, is that they are both extremely stable, certainly as stable as LS. Having said that, I load each one separately. I don't play the game of can I load 300 maps and MLOS concomitantly.

  • @JohnFromGWN Its sound good!!

    I'd love to try all that stuff you mention, I didn't know I could have LC installed alongside San Andreas, and the times I've tried some mods, it hasn't gone well.

    Currently I don't have mods anymore, I've removed almost all my MLOs, in the end they created some instability in the game, some FPS drop, NPCs generated inside didn't load properly and in the end it's not worth it.

    I'll look for that mod you mention from LC and try how I can install it, and CP I visit thanks to Trainers, I don't have it persistent in the game.

  • @Fabito48hd Mods always create some instability for the simple reason that they take up memory. Of course some are poorly designed and there might be conflicts between mods. And many modify the game behavior and AI in a way that unintentionally leads to erratic results and crashes.

    I have literally thousands of mods installed, not scripts, and certainly not loaded at the same time. For SP I started with multiple mod folders but only one dlc folder because I don't like duplication, even if you have the disk space. The dlclist.xml is then customized for each mod folder along with x.rpfs when required. All other files are shared.

    Another approach is to put everything in dlclist.xml and then using a batch or powershell menu selectively name the mod or mods you want to load and rename the folders you don't want to load. The concept being that dlclist.xml will not create an error trying to spawn what isn't there.

    In FiveM I use a manual approach although the renaming would also work. I simply comment out everything except the resources to load for a given session.

    This is my formula.

    Stability = right hardware + proper configuration + right mods

    Hardware includes all Windows required software including proper drivers.
    Configuration refers to the mods that provide stability by extending limits
    Right mods involves quantity and quality, less is more. I don't install scripts other than my own, with some exceptions.

  • @JohnFromGWN I kinda understand why it is happening :( I don't know is my game version can't properly read the shader being used for CP models but the reason it's happening is game reading all the textures as a diffuse texture. So bump, specular, height and all kind of textures are being read as diffuse texture and it's keep swapping those textures depending on angle and distance and that is why this glitch happening :(

  • @Aurora11 did you use some shit visual OIV at some point?

  • @JohnFromGWN Well in the past I was used VisualV but I tested this in full vanilla game too.

    The only change I made to vanilla was gameconfig, otherwise game was crashing when I open. But still same. Those blue textures you see are the bump maps and purple ones are height maps, or something like that. They end with _h.dds .

    Greens I'm not sure what's their use.

    I took a piece of land mass (the part next to that beach party place) and spawned it. At the beginning it was covered with multiple things. So I checked the textures it's using and deleted every bump, height, green and those other type of textures, basically everything except the actual diffuse textures. Then I spawned and it was looking proper.

    So my best guess is those models are made differently than before, either their shader or something else is different. and old gta5.exe can't properly load those files and every texture just loading as diffuse.

    <snip> ReN

  • @Aurora11 If you're aren't already on the CP heist version or higher you could be missing assets. Remember that this is not an SP map so you might be missing dependencies that neither a script nor full map mod will supply.

    Also I would certainly suggest you backup, take a clean verified version of GTA5 as your base, add the bare essential mods without any visual mods, use the script I posted or a full mod, and install manually only, no OiV.

    Again you need the CP heist version to rule out any issues. You can't just go with the exe because there could be other files in update.rpf that you need ofc.

    If on Steam you can try the depot method.

    Edit. I mean CP heist version or higher to ensure all dependencies are met since the patches are cumulative. I can only vouch for 2372. My game is fully updated but my exe and mods version of Update.rpf are frozen at 2372.

    As a sidebar, the little whiners who bitch about Rockstar patches all the time don't realize how easy it is to swap the exe and play reverted, updated, or even GTAO effortlessly.

  • @JohnFromGWN Can I download the mpheist4 dlcpack from steam depot if I don't have the steam version? :thinking:

    True it might be also update.rpf too to properly recognize those models and textures. You were mentioned 1.57 is the most stable version. I'm gonna try finding the gold... thing ReNNie mentioned.

    Then will take the update.rpf and exes from it, maybe even dlls and all that thing too and oh well, then have to remod that update.rpf too ugh :@ but it probably be worth the time if it works.

    Sucks though I won't be able to use visualsettings+timecycle reloader anymore :( It doesn't work after 1.50 and only works with legit game don't know why. Not exactly I need it but time to time it was coming in handy when I needed :thumbsup:

  • @Aurora11 I doubt you can do that without the Steam game.

    I don't use the emulator but it won't give you the files you need, it replaces Steam files only, the API.

  • @JohnFromGWN Welp, I guess I'm gonna have to download the whole game then :( :sob:

  • @Aurora11 If you upgrade your game, just do a verify integrity, you will get that heist. Add it to your dlclist.xml.

    It doesn't matter what you have in your game folder, just the exe.

    Unfortunately while the upgrade will give you the heist, you won't get the old exe.

  • @JohnFromGWN Problem is if I update, then it will update everything and I won't be able to avoid updates anymore :( Launcher Bypass mods won't work :(

    and without the updates exe mpheist4 not working. I was tried it before but game crashing when I enable it.

  • @Aurora11 because I've never seen your issue reported, I'm convinced some visual mod fucked up your game.

    That's why I suggest you go back to a clean version to at least test this hypothesis.

  • @JohnFromGWN I have a backup of clean version though, which I did use to test but nothing changed :(

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