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GTAVLauncherBypass no longer works

  • Hi,
    yesterday I could use GTAVLauncherBypass without a problem so it won't sign me out every single time when launching the game. Today, out of the blue, it keeps signing me out. Even if using the the latest .EXE and .RPF from the latest update, it still signs me out. So GTAVLauncherBypass no longer works? No changes have been made to the system, nothing updated.

    It seems Social Club is somehow bugging. The GTAVLauncherBypass works by testing the faster_game_startup = true. I'm only fed I keep getting logged out after launcing the game. It's the retailer version.

  • @SilverRST GTA Launcher Bypass won't work after 1.50 update. Although I might be wrong there.

    If you have a backed up Rockstar Games folder from Documents (The one that contains save and profile files) restoring that folder from backup can get you auto signed in again. For some reason after a while social club credentials expires and it logs out, or something like that.

    So far this is what I'm doing when I'm logged out but I'm on an older build, for this reason; https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/no-gtavlauncher#comments_tab (check the pinned comment).

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