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Please help me to fix error by rockstar launcher

  • Getting This Error!

    Unable to launch GTA5.exe due to a lack of privileges on the Game Library directry. Please remove any compatible mode settings or try running as and administrator. If you continue to have problems playing the game, please contact Rockstar Games Customer Service at
    If anyone have idea to fix please tell me.

  • @Ahad-ali3
    Very strange but at least error message is more useful than usual. Permissions issue.

    Try this. Go into GTA folder and find GTA5.exe.

    Check the context menu (right click) and the property tab. You'll see compatibility, remove admin permissions. You might need to do this with other executables, but start there.

  • @JohnFromGWN Is reinstalling game a better solution

  • @Ahad-ali3

    Reinstalling the game is the worst possible solution and a last resort. Did you try what I suggested?

    Try that first or Google another solution.

    In your case I don't think a verify integrity would work as this doesn't sound like a corrupt or missing file, but rather a permissions issue.

    Do you have admin permissions?

    Anyway step 1, I'd try suggestion above.
    Step 2, I'd consider manually setting permissions on the folder.
    Step 3, wipe out anything GTA5 (backup anything worth backing like save file) and then reinstall.

  • @JohnFromGWN I have another question can i reinstall gta5 without losing mods? If Yes, How
    game needs to reinstall but i dont need to lose mods please suggest me

  • @Ahad-ali3

    A reinstall will only overwrite Rockstar files unless you modded them.

    It will not overwrite any personal files in your root folder, mods, scripts, Menyoo, or other folders.

    But as I wrote before, better to do a clean install because your issue is uncommon and is really a Windows issue.

    The issue is either with user or folder permissions or both.

    What I suggested will take 10 seconds.

    Doing a reinstall will take considerably longer.

    If you do agree to do a clean reinstall, you could, assuming you have disk space, just rename your current gta5 folder and then move all mods back after the reinstall. Or you can just move all your mods out and then put them back.

    But I also would remove all Rockstar GTA5 files including the save game files (backup).

  • @Ahad-ali3
    Found a possible alternative solution, but for Steam. Still points to compatibility and permissions.


    I ran Steam and GTA5.exe in Admin mode
    Open Steam > Right Click Grand Theft Auto 5 in your Steam library > Properties > Local files
    Browse Local Files > Right click Properties on the GTA5.exe file itself, compatability tab,
    Run as admin - tick that, and press OK. Same for the actual Steam. exe 
    Right click it on Start or your Desktop, or in the installation folder
    X:Program Files x84/x64/Steam~Steam.exe  should be here, right click on it, properties again
    Compatability Tab
    Run as admin on both.
    Solved it for me, I had this issue for a good hour, tried verifying files, tried reinstalling the launchers social and the actual launcher, restarting my computer, CCleaning everything... but the admin on steam, I guess solved it? either that or like people said, keep trying. Im in ! :D

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