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Selecting multiple entities in CodeWalker with Drag&Drop

  • I combined to North Yankton maps into one. However some trees are clipping through houses because one mod is focuses on vegetation and the other one focuses on being alive and a bit populated area.

    So I'm trying to delete/move the clipping trees however selecting a tree in CodeWalker is horrible. Alone trees are quite easy of course but what can I say, I love Bob Ross so every tree should have lots of friends :sweat_smile: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

    Problem though I can't select the particular trees I want :D

    alt text

    Unfortunately only the gigantic trees are clipping with houses and they are the worst to select :( Is it possible to select an area of props by drag&drop so that I can filter the tree I want?

    or a different approach, perhaps a way to see the number of the props in order so I can keep moving other props from the way until I can select the one I need and then note it's number in the order, then undo the moving of others and select that particular tree from the number?

  • @MissySnowie It would probably be better to ask in the CodeWalker discord. It's been a while since I've messed with CW or gta5, but you could select all the props getting in the way of selecting the trees you want and move them up or down out of the way. There is a way to select multiple items and move them all at the same time, i don't remember how to at this moment. I also don't remember there being the ability to like drag a cursor to select multiple items, it was holding a button and clicking on the individual items.

  • @chonkie Thank you very much 😊😊 I did ask in CW discord but most of the times it's difficult to get a proper answer either :(

    But that moving trees upwards feels a great idea to be honest.

    By the by, the only way I know of selecting multiple props is, by using Shift in Project Window.

  • @MissySnowie Oh, and there should be an info panel, i think it's an option you have to click in that top button array, that will show you stuff like the prop name, file location, order number in the ymap, etc.

  • @MissySnowie Yeah, sometimes a question will get lost in the mix of other questions and replies there, on top of maybe someone with the answer might not be on in time before a bunch of stuff pushes it so far up and they don't bother checking older posts.

  • @MissySnowie Actually, I'm kinda remembering that the info panel button isn't in that top button array, but i can't remember how to bring it up right now, been too long. Hopefully you already know the info panel I'm talking about and how to open it.

    A reference pic if you don't know what I'm talking about.
    alt text

  • @MissySnowie Shoot, just remembered, the arrow in the top right corner.

  • @chonkie Oh thank you so much :blush: I'm also using the one on the top left corner. It shows up when you press T.

    It's the button at the second left of Add Prop button :blush:

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