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OpenIV model viewer can't see the texture?

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    I downloaded some clothes mods or accessories, but I couldn't see the texture before I put it into the game. What I can do to see the texture?


    @cornost do you see that [+] add texture in the bottom right corner? click it and select that 0.ytd

  • @ReNNie
    That won't work in this case. The '.ydd' hasn't been set up to be game ready. The original creator left spaces in the names of the textures & within the texture name lines in the '.odd/.odr/.otx' files etc, so the model can't find the textures :thumbsup:


    If you just want to know what it looks like, it looks like this:


    If you want to make it game ready, you'll need to do this:


    • Download Codewalker from <that discord link (ie don't download CW from gta5-mods as that version is obsolete & missing features)
    • Open Codewalker's RPF Explorer & navigate to where Holster Glock GK TLR.ydd is installed.
    • Once you find it, right-click it & select 'Export XML...' & choose a place to export it.
    • Now hit the '[:shield:Edit mode]' button (top middle right) & accept any warnings.
    • Then right-click anywhere in the folder & select 'Import XML...' & select the 'Holster Glock GK TLR.ydd.xml' file.
    • Now you can close Codewalker & delete the files you exported to Windows (the 'Holster Glock GK TLR.ydd.xml' file & 'Holster Glock GK TLR' folder)


    • Start OpenIV & navigate to where Holster Glock GK TLR.ydd is installed.
    • Right-click it & select 'Export to openFormats (.odd)' & choose a location to export it.
    • Now, open the '0.ytd' & export the 'Plaque Cuisse GK Holster Radar TLR1 Glock Droite_DefaultMaterial_BaseColor' texture as a '.dds' file & export it to the 'mp_m_freemode_01' folder you exported to openFormats in the previous step.
    • In Windows, navigate to that location & enter the 'mp_m_freemode_01' folder & rename the 'Plaque Cuisse GK Holster Radar TLR1 Glock Droite_DefaultMaterial_BaseColor.dds' texture to 'Plaque_Cuisse_GK_Holster_Radar_TLR1_Glock_Droite_DefaultMaterial_BaseColor.dds'
    • Now, make a copy of the 'Plaque_Cuisse_GK_Holster_Radar_TLR1_Glock_Droite_DefaultMaterial_Normal.otx' file & rename the duplicate to 'Plaque_Cuisse_GK_Holster_Radar_TLR1_Glock_Droite_DefaultMaterial_BaseColor.otx'
    • Open the 'Plaque_Cuisse_GK_Holster_Radar_TLR1_Glock_Droite_DefaultMaterial_BaseColor.otx' file with any text editor & change it to look like this:
    Version 13 30
    	Image Plaque_Cuisse_GK_Holster_Radar_TLR1_Glock_Droite_DefaultMaterial_BaseColor.dds
    	Type Regular
    	PixelFormat DXT1
    	Levels 10
    	Usage DIFFUSE
    	UsageFlags -
    	ExtraFlags 0
    • Then navigate back one folder to the 'mp_m_freemode_01.odr' file & open it with any text editor.
    • Edit the 'DiffuseSampler' line to look like this:
    			DiffuseSampler mp_m_freemode_01\Plaque_Cuisse_GK_Holster_Radar_TLR1_Glock_Droite_DefaultMaterial_BaseColor.otx
    • At this point, if you drag the 'mp_m_freemode_01.odr' file into OpenIV, it will create a fully functional '.ydr'.
    • but if you require a '.ydd' file, navigate up one folder to where the 'Holster Glock GK TLR.odd' file & 'Holster Glock GK TLR' folder are located & rename both of them to Holster_Glock_GK_TLR.
    • Now finally, open the newly renamed 'Holster_Glock_GK_TLR.odd' file with any text editor & edit it to look like this:
    Version 165 32
    • After that, you can drag & drop the 'Holster_Glock_GK_TLR.odd' file into OpenIV to install it (it will be converted to a '.ydd' automatically).
    • If you need to rename it at any point in future, just rename the 'Holster_Glock_GK_TLR.ydd' file to whatever you need, you don't need to do any other renaming.

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