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What controls a vehicles camera position?

  • I’ve searched all over and can’t find any info on this, hopefully someone here knows.

    The problem I’m having is that some addon vehicles aren’t positioned right in 3rd person camera. Even with the closest 3rd person view the vehicle is far away from the camera. As if the camera is an extra few feet away from the vehicle. Kind of looks like the vehicle itself is positions too far forward in “space”. Looking behind you in 3rd person, the camera is too close to the vehicle and cuts off the front bumper.
    I can provide images if necessary to understand what I’m saying.

    So my question is, what controls where a camera is on a vehicle? I’ve tried messing with the camera name in the vehicle meta but it didn’t do anything. I’ve messed around with zmodeler a little, is the camera linked to the vehicle chassis at all? Most addons are locked anyway so wouldn’t be able to modify that.

    Any help with this greatly appreciated, thanks!

  • @Maxdugen
    I've never noticed that and I don't understand how the game camera would discriminate against certain vehicles with the possible exception of exceedingly long or short ones. Very strange.

    Are you using any visual, camera, or extended visual mods? Game camera is not vehicle specific AFAIK, however the behavior is definitely different for certain vehicles. For example the camera perspective in a sailboat is completely different in 3rd person view from what you would expect, but again I've not seen that with cars. Possibly with airliners as well.

    You can attach a script camera to a vehicle but that's not the case for the game.

    Can you post link to a problematic vehicle?

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I don’t have any visual mods installed, nothing that would affect the camera either.

    Here’s one of the problematic vehicles I’ve found:

    It’s the Durango in the pack, if you check it out, you’ll see when you spawn it, it looks further away from the camera than normal. And if you press the button to look behind (see front of vehicle) it looks closer to the camera than usual. So it’s almost as if the vehicle is sitting further front than it should.

  • @Maxdugen
    Given the sailboat, sorry I don't remember the exact name, has a completely different camera perspective, with the boat being much further in 3rd person view, I suggest you look carefully at its meta data and compare it to a normal vehicle for differences.

    With respect to the 3d model itself, I can't conceive how they would influence the game camera, in the sense that they don't provide information to the game. It's the game engine that will render the model and adjust the camera accordingly to the dimensions of the model. The Meta data will provide info, but this is independent of the 3d model, well logically it is.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I’ve been messing with it for a while, the metas as well. I even replaced the yft’s with a vehicle that the camera is good, and it was farther away. I’m convinced it has to do with how it was made in zmodeler. I don’t know much about zmodeler, but I’m assuming there a pivot point for the center of the vehicle or something and I’m pretty sure the camera in game uses that as a point of reference on where to position itself.

  • @Maxdugen I think you're right. The model was likely not created properly. I looked at vehicles.meta and could only find FPV tags, nothing in 3rd person.

  • @JohnFromGWN I sent a message to the vehicle author, hopefully they can help.

    It’s weird, the game gives you the ability to modify the 1st person camera with offsets, but not 3rd person.

  • @Maxdugen
    Agreed. The other possibility is carcols.meta. These files are a dog's breakfast. Some have it, some don't.

    There is a tag <cameraPos>VMCP_DEFAULT</cameraPos>, but I don't know if this could be the culprit or what other values it can take.

  • @Maxdugen

    I'm assuming you also checked these tags. I noticed the Vans123 laferrari has this issue too and it doesn't use the default values. I haven't tested it however and not sure if these would even impact 3rd person views, just that this model uses cheetah rather than default.


  • @JohnFromGWN i didn’t even think about carcols because I know it’s mainly used for mod kits, lights, sirens, etc. I’ll have to look into that.

    As far as the camera info in the vehicle meta I did try changing those but it had no effect in game.

    To rule out it being the actually vehicle yft I’m gonna clone one of the vanilla cars later when I get home and move the chassis pivot point in zmodeler and see if it moves the camera as well. This is very confusing and I’ve only seen it on two vehicles so far.

    Coincidentally enough, the other vehicle is also a Durango.. So I wonder if maybe they both originated from the same place (different authors)

  • @Maxdugen the 3rd person camera depends on the chassis_dummy[COL] scale, it is set on zmodeler, you can check if its too big in openiv, open the car model and select "bounds" in the upper menu, the collision box should be the same size of the car, compare with default cars

  • @rbsace said in What controls a vehicles camera position?:

    @Maxdugen the 3rd person camera depends on the chassis_dummy[COL] scale, it is set on zmodeler, you can check if its too big in openiv, open the car model and select "bounds" in the upper menu, the collision box should be the same size of the car, compare with default cars

    Awesome, I’ll check that out thanks!

  • @rbsace Interesting. So the camera is pushed further away by a collision?

  • @JohnFromGWN yeah its more like a collision config, I made some tests here: https://imgur.com/a/FTEV3kb

    first 2 images are chassis_dummy with the same size of the car, then around 2x the scale, same camera, it also affect grass around the vehicle

  • @rbsace you were right! I looked at the model in openiv and sure enough its bounds stick out way past the model in the back! Only way to fix that is in zmodeler correct? The models are locked so I guess I’m out of luck on that.

  • @Maxdugen yes in zmodeler and maybe codewalker xml export, but I'm not sure what line to edit, and if its locked you may need permission from the author anyway

  • @rbsace hey so I’ve been messing with it a lot. The vehicles that are far from the camera, I scaled the chassis dummy col to the size of the vehicle and even smaller and the camera is still far. Do you just select it, scale and position? Or something else cuz I can’t figure it out.

    So apparently only one person made the srt Durango model and everyone else ripped it, because they’re all plagued by the same oversized chassis dummy :confused:

  • @Maxdugen same here, even replacing the collisions the camera wont change, must be something else wrong in the model, if I find the cause I'll let you know

  • @rbsace that would be great thank you! Wish I knew what was causing it :thinking:

  • This post is deleted!

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