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Script or oiv to disable story missions and activities blips in radar

  • I wanted this for so long, If anyone can do this lmk <3

  • @Y-Axis an OIV is an installer. It installs a mod.

    Why do you want this? You can remove the radar or the complete HUD or download and play with a 100% save game file, it will not have missions since they are completed and you can replay them if you want.

  • Hey john,

    Tnx for the quick response


    • franklin loses his 1st safehouse
    • activities such as parachute, races ect, also garages and safehouses of all protaginists.

    I want a empty map, only mod blips

    Override:V mod was the choice but it's not up to date and loses compatiblity with other mods installed

    I always felt like they did franklin short, best missions in the game was with lamar.
    I wanna play as franklin without michael or trevor in the game.

    Oiv to edit data in update.rpf to achieve this, i can install it myself too.
    I prefer script tho.

    Can you help me achieve this?

    thnx again

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